Tremendous blow from Mirandés to a fragile Sanse

Step back in every way from a Sanse who could see his options for staying in Second pulverized. A great and much superior Mirandés nipped the reaction of the realistic subsidiary in the second half in which he rediscovered all the defensive miseries of the team Xabi Alonsowho came to rest in the franchise thanks to a penalty karrikaburu. The result (1-3) in an Anoeta that presented its best entry (8,531 spectators) is as negative as the signals emitted by a subsidiary that parked all its good constants from the previous weeks, in which it had achieved a 10 out of 12 that had brought him back to life. He could have left Sporting two points and Mirandés himself three with a win, but it all went to waste. Disappointment in Anoeta and blow to the option of the miracle of permanence.

It had been many weeks since the Sanse had been subjected in this way. He looked uncomfortable, unable to govern the leather and defending in a very low block due to the great handling of the leather and the courage of a very intentional Mirandés. Zubiaurre He had to make an effort to repel two attempts to Camel from the front of the area and the subsidiary found its option in quick transitions. TO Lobethand in hand with Lizoainhe lacked speed and determination to finish and lost the advantage by stepping on leather.

Karrikaburu’s tenth

The differential elements of the subsidiary hardly appeared, until the flash of inspiration of a Robert Navarro Very gamer attached to the lime line on the right. The Catalan read the unmarking of urko to enable him with a great dive. The self-pass of the center-back who became an attacker hit clearly in the hand of Jorge Saenzextended, covering a hole added to his body. The images of the VAR monitor ended up convincing a referee who was slow to point out the penalty spot. karrikaburu he signed his tenth notch of the course with that slow pace and that serenity so inappropriate for a beardless 19-year-old.

The goal was the best therapy for a Sanse who suddenly regained his personality and turned the game around. Lobet again opposed the 2-0 well launched by Turrientes and Navarrese kept invading from the right. Turrientes He began to lead with an iron hand, appearing everywhere and showing his hierarchy in the core. The first half ended with a parable by Riquelme that came out close to the top corner, a parable of what was going to happen in the second half.

And it is that after the break, Mirandés was far superior to Sanse, both before the 1-1 and after the draw. matched soon bruguetaking advantage of a mismatch in the local defense after a corner. Center Calderon and Zubiaurre could not respond to the header of the striker ‘jabato’.

The txuri urdin subsidiary came out alive a few minutes after the goal of intense dominance from Burgos. Zubiaurre He took a close shot from the grass with a great intervention Riquelmeproduct of an extraordinary play by Mirandés. Alonso He tried to turn the match around with a triple change, but it was difficult for Real to take back the helm and in the end he was shipwrecked.

Gabilondo had it before the shipwreck

had it Gabilondowho shot into the clouds with his left foot with everything in his favor after a header repelled by a defender. karrikaburuafter a cut, he had served it luxuriously. One forgave and the other hit twice. Two blows from the visitors finished the game and highlighted the weakness of Sanse’s defense. he lost the leather Olasagasti in a twist and Riquelme he drove 40 meters without encountering opposition and, with one or two gears more than the realistic center-backs, he beat Zubiaurre cross shot. A little later, Meseguer he headed a corner with absolute ease, without opposition. urko arrived very late

(+) See the goals and the summary of the match

Zubiaurrethe best local, avoided a major win and Turrientesin a direct free kick, he was the closest to close the gap in the subsidiary’s heroic attempt. Bajonazo under the trusses of Anoeta.

opportunities: Zubiaurre; Gabilondo, González de Zárate, Clemente (Garrido, min.78), Gómez (Cristo Romero, min.74); Turrientes, Olasagasti, López (Alkain, min. 57); Navarro (Blasco, min.57) Lobete (Valera, min.57), Karrikaburu.
Mirandese: Lizoaine; Arroyo (Capelini, min.86), Jorge Sáenz, Carreira, Imanol, Brugué (Haasan min.86), Vicente (Garrido, min.64), Martín (Odei, min.73), Riquelme, Meseguer and Camello (Marqués, 73).
goals: 1-0: Karrikaburu (min.23). 1-1: Brugué (min.50). 1-2: Riquelme (min. 77). 1-3: Meseguer (min. 81)
Referee: Galvez Rascon. He admonished Calderón (min.18), Jorge Saénz (min.22), Clemente (min.26), Karrikaburu (min.83).
spectators: 8,531 in Anoeta

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