West Ham Utd. – Seville: The King dethroned

meme Seville he said goodbye to the competition where he is the King on their own merits after falling into extension against him western ham in a match where the sevillistas’ problems became acute again at the critical moment of the match. A year in which nothing has come of it for the Andalusians, who could not even defend the advantage achieved a week ago in the Sanchez-Pizjun. a goal of Soucek in the first period and another Yarmolenko in extra time they left Sevilla knocked out. Dead. The League remains for the men of Lopetegui. Just that. Too many eliminations. A sad goodbye for a team whose crown fell the year the final was played in their stadium. Very sad.

Alabama Seville He was presented with a game that he wants to play away from home, but with the danger that a goal would equalize the tie and goal to western ham. Controlling the scene, not even having the ball, and searching with spaces left by the rival between their midfielders and a defense that barely left Areola’s area. It was clear that the British team was going to bite, spurred by a furlong to the flag. Without excessive virtuosity, although with a striker like anthony intimidating with his strength. Every time he controlled near the box he dragged up two white-clad defenders, leaving room for his teammates. He was afraid she would turn around. On a pass over the defense to ovensthe Spanish attacker caught the ball without dropping it and his shot was blocked by Gudelj. First scare. Sevilla responded in their first outing with a free kick from Jordn in the front that went to a corner kick.

Soucek’s goal (1-0) in West Ham 2-0 Seville

The western ham could not press all the minutes so high, drowning at times a bad sevillista start, with Kound excessively clumsy, and Sevilla tried to punish a good connection down the left flank between Martial and Augustinssonwith a low center to the Swedish penalty spot and a strong shot from the first En-Nesyri. Areola made the stop for the night when heading for the other post. Hard hand to disrupt Sevilla’s best chance in the first half. The answer was immediate. Once again, Antonio put the Sevilla defense in trouble with a one-on-one that blocked Kound a little from behind, Bono deflected just enough and Gudelj saved when Soucek I wanted to score a goal. He could not with the Czech giant in the next arrival with danger. Antonio and Soucek The snail forward at the front of the area, without any defender capable of bothering him a bit if he wants, and his cross at the far post is headed by the number 28 into the net, changing the trajectory of the post. West Ham is fully involved in the tie. If he Seville appeared with doubts in the second leg of the tie, they all piled up before the break. And the bench offered very few alternatives.

Second half even

At 20 seconds shot Soucek from inside the area, so that Bono had to shout at his teammates to wake up a Sevilla that was risking its life… And it didn’t seem like it. Antonio was still doing damage in the open field, with Kound and Gudelj doing overtime in every melee clash with the Jamaican. The only one that broke the classic script of the sevillistas was the Tecatito, moving mainly through central areas, like a Martial that came off the left side. The Mexican, in one of his quality details, let En-Nesyri in a finishing position inside the area with a cross over the defense, although the Moroccan hooked it with his bad leg (the right) and threw it wide. For Sevilla to continue standing they needed a small miracle and for a reason they have one of those goalkeepers who makes more than one in each game. Bono took a sung goal from Lanzini after stopping a first shot at the Argentine. A saving hand with a knee on the ground. Sevilla was knocked out.

One corner kick after another bottled up a Sevilla that did not know what to do midway through the second half. The plan wasn’t working out and he needed to feel himself back in the match. He was totally out. Another long ball over En-Nesyri, who saw the arrival of the tecatito On the run, he made it possible for the Moroccan to pass back into the area over the Mexican, but the talented winger’s shot went high. I don’t hunt her well. This auction woke up for a few minutes those of Lopeteguiwho began to step on the rival field and recover the ball in areas of greater danger. However, the great occasion did not come. And the minutes passed. Only a change in Sevilla, with the entry of liver Torres by Rakitic. The game was slowly heading for extra time. Just a minute added. And corner for West Ham before 30 added.

to the extension

Yarmolenko’s goal (2-0) in West Ham 2-0 Seville

Rafa Mir was the change of Seville. Another chrome for the front. Shortly after, Munir also entered through a bottomless Tecatito Corona. Sevilla returned to bail water. He couldn’t get out of his field. And he got rid of the second set piece. Fornals kicks the corner, Dawson touches the near post and Soucek finishes off to the side of the net with everything to score. Sevilla was not able to get close to their goalkeeper, with Gudelj half injured and the feeling that only penalties could open the door to the quarterfinals for the Nervin team. A first time of the extension of swimming against the current. There were 15 minutes left. The second half began with Montiel on the green and Carmona after a few minutes had to replace a injured Gudelj. Sevilla players could hardly fight. And at the time of this change in defense, Yarmolenko took advantage of a ball cleared by Bono to a shot by Fornals. Sevilla began to say goodbye to the round of 16 without hardly putting up a fight. A sad goodbye for a King.