Where to WATCH Real Madrid vs PSG | Return of Champions TODAY

There’s only room for one. Real Madrid and PSG will be measured in Lap of the Round of 16 of the Champions League in a duel that promises to set off sparks in the Santiago Bernabeubecause the Parisian team has the advantage, so here we leave you all the details such as schedule, broadcast channel and forecast so you don’t miss this match.

How does Real Madrid arrive?

After his defeat against PSG, the merengue club has achieved three wins in a row in the Spanish Leaguewith two goals included, so it is firm in the leadership of the local tournament and arrives inspired to face the Parisian club.

Latest results:

  • Real Madrid 4-1 Royal Society | The league
  • Ray Vallecano 0-1 Real Madrid | The league
  • Real Madrid 3-0 Deportivo Alaves | The league
  • paris st germain Real Madrid 1-0 | Champions League
  • Villarreal 0-0 Real Madrid | The league

How does PSG arrive?

The PSG are comfortable at the top of Ligue 1so he is not worried despite having fallen twice in the last five matches he has had, but will it cost him against the Madrid team?

Last five PSG games:

  • Nice 1-0 Paris Saint Germain | League 1
  • paris st germain 3-1 Saint-Etienne | League 1
  • Nantes 3-1 Paris Saint-Germain | League 1
  • paris st germain Real Madrid 1-0 | Champions League
  • paris st germain 1-0 Rennes | League 1

Mbappé, in doubt?

Kylian Mbappé suffered a strong blow in PSG’s training this Monday, which forced him to leave practice and his participation in the Vuelta against Real Madrid is in doubt. The team is carrying out studies to find out the injury severityalthough at the moment a fracture was ruled out.

What happened in the first leg of the Round of 16 match?

The first chapter of the series was a mustbut Mbappé saved PSG with a goal on the last play of the match in the 94th minute, so the French team took the lead.

What does Real Madrid need to advance?

Because he fell by a goal in the first leg, Real Madrid needs to win by a difference of two goalsAlthough on the other hand You only have to score one goal to equalize the series and send it to extra time and even the penalty shootoutSo it should be remembered that the UEFA removed away goal as tiebreaker.

Madrid match schedule

  • Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022
  • Schedule: 2:00 p.m. Central Mexico time
  • Site: Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
  • Phase: Champions League Round of 16 Second Leg

Where to SEE Real Madrid vs PSG?

  • online transmission: HBO Max

In case you do not have the transmission of the match, you have nothing to worry about. We remind you that the most important thing that happens before, during and after the gameBesides of minute by minuteyou can follow it with us at halftime.

game forecast

Due to the latest results of both teams, Real Madrid seems to be on a better run than PSGso you could turn the result around at home.