“Atleti will win a Champions League, I hope to be present”

Stefan Savic has the Champions League between his eyebrows. montenegrin I recognized him recently in AS before facing Manchester United in the first leg of the round of 16. “Me, personally, I’ve been obsessed with it since I was little. My dream was to win the Champions League one day and here you are closer to fulfilling that dream (…) We know how difficult it is, we will always try and I am sure that this club deserves it and one day it will win in the very near future.. I’m sure”.

And that message has wanted to transmit it again during the international break in the daily Vijesti, once the tie against the Red Devils and about to face their neighbors, Manchester City. A rival of maximum complication, but Savic is aware that any confrontation would have been very difficult and he remembers that “I only wanted a rival in the Champions League once, I wanted Leipzig two years ago, my wish came true and we lost”.


Savic trusts the red and white strength. “We are an uncomfortable opponent in the knockout round. I think we can play better against teams that are stronger on paper. Surely they don’t take us for a joke. Atlético will win the Champions League, I recently said it in the Spanish media. I don’t know if it can be this year, but that day will come and I hope I can be there. Atlético deserves the European title for the club, the quality of the team, the fans who are fantastic… And we owe it to them”.

The central defender also analyzed the tie against United and the way in which the defensive system was able to completely block Cristiano Ronaldo. “I wouldn’t say he has gotten old, he recently scored a hat-trick against Tottenham. We all know him, we know that he is one of the best players of all time, he has our respect. We had a plan for him. United have a great forward and they finished with everyone on the pitch, Cristiano, Rashford, Cavani, Sancho... We managed to nullify their threats, we did a great job in defense”.

Finally, Savic is clear that the goal is “continue advancing in the Champions League and finish among the top four in the League”. The central defender has overcome physical problems and with the gala defense everything is easier. “I suffered an injury the day before the season started. There were relapses and I have missed many games, about 13 or 14. I’m sorry I wasn’t there from the beginning, but I’ve been able to come back when it was important. I am aware of how important I am for Atlético, I always try to speak on the pitch”sentence one of the captains of the squad.