“Atlético will win a Champions League… and I hope to be there”

Stefan Savić back to his rights. The center of Atletico Madrid He seems to have forgotten about those physical problems that weighed him down at some point in the season. The Montenegrin central defender spoke for the newspaper News after the victory achieved by the mattress team against manchester united.

“I literally got injured in the last training session before the start of the season, took a three-week break and then immediately went into games. He was reflected. Sometimes I suffer from the same injury, I have not played 13-14 games. Everything is fine now, I think it will be until the end. We still have a lot of football battles ahead of us,” explained Savić, adding: “I’m sorry I haven’t been here since the beginning of the season, but I came back when it was important. How important I am to him Athleticlet the others speak, I always try to speak on the pitch. In any case, I’ve been with the team for seven years, I’ve got a lot of experience, a lot of important games…”.

The player still enjoys the removal of the manchester united in the second leg of the round of 16 champions. “England is the birthplace of football, football has a special place in England. I remember the celebration against Liverpool and that 3-2 win. This is another seal in my career”, he explained. “We knew what was in store for us. United I would press high, that I would try to open the game with a goal as quickly as possible. We were prepared both tactically and mentally. We have a lot of quality in attack, the logical thing is to create chances and convert them, at least once. We knew that chances had to be created, so our main objective was to try not to concede a goal. As a defender, I’m really glad we did it, it’s a great feeling to be at the end of the tournament stronger once again.”


The elimination of manchester united generated even more noise by the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo he barely appeared in the two games and that he was left out at the first change. “I wouldn’t say he’s getting old, not so long ago he scored a hat-trick against Tottenham. We all know what a player he is, one of the best of all time, he has our great respect. We also had a plan for him … The United has a great selection of strikers, literally everyone was on the pitch: Ronaldo, Sancho, Rashford, Cavanithe young man Elanga… We didn’t know where the biggest threat would come from. We managed to annul them, shorten their space… We did everything right”, explained the Balkan defender.

His words came when there was still no chosen rival, later it would be known that he was going to be the City of Manchester.


“I only wanted a rival in champions once, I wanted Leipzig two years ago, my wish came true and – we lost, “he recalled savic to make a reflection that would be worthwhile for the rival who has played in the fray, the team from Joseph Guardiola. “We are an uncomfortable team when you play two games, it is difficult to be better than us in this system. I also think we can play better against teams that are stronger on paper. Whoever comes, they will not take us for a joke,” he said. .

The Montenegrin central defender acknowledged that Atlético’s lowest point this season served to wake up the team. The criticism, Simeone’s questioning propelled the team. “If it motivated us (criticism)? I think so, it was one more reason. Atlético is still ‘alive’, I’m glad to have shown it at a time like this. But, we stand firm, with our feet on the ground. Failure to do so is an obstacle to the objectives and we want to continue in the Champions League and reach at least fourth position in The league“.

Finally, the Balkan had a message for the fans of the Athletic regarding that champions that history owes the team. “The Athletic will win the champions League, I recently told the Spanish media. I don’t know if this year, but that day will come too, I hope to be there. The Athletic he deserves the European title because of the size of the club, the quality of the team, the fans that are fantastic… And we owe it to them”, he said. savic on News.

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