CDMX seeks to prohibit entry into sporting events to people subject to criminal proceedings


The Liga MX Disciplinary Commission spoke about the scream that took place in the match between Cruz Azul and León. (Photo: Twitter/@EstadioAzteca)

Deputy Alberto Rangel Moreno presented an initiative in the Congress of the Mexican capital to reform the Law to Prevent Violence in Sports Events in Mexico City which highlights the intention to prohibit entry to venues and events to people who are subject to criminal proceedings and who have criminal records related to intentional crimes.

The draft decree presented by Morena’s representative will be turned over to the Local Public Administration Commission which will take into account the opinion of the Sport Commissionto determine if the changes in the regulation are applied or discarded. The initiative took place in the plenary session on Tuesday, March 22.

The general objective of the proposal states that it is “establish the issuance of action protocols between the competent authorities and the Clubs, Federations and organizers of sporting events to safeguard the integrity of spectators, as well as permanently verify the buildings or locations where such events are held in order to have optimal conditions for their good development and security”, according to the document.

MEXICO CITY, JANUARY 15, 2022.- Soccer match corresponding to date 2 of the Clausura 2022 tournament
MEXICO CITY, JANUARY 15, 2022.- Soccer match corresponding to date 2 of the Clausura 2022 tournament “Grita México” of the Liga MX Femenil between Las Pumas de la UNAM and Las Águilas del América, at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario. PHOTO: EDGAR NEGRETE/CUARTOSCURO.COM

Among the reforms was proposed incorporate the concept of “bar” to point out what until now have been called animation groups and that leaves their limitations ambiguous. In the same way, search prohibit the existence of an established relationship between bars and soccer teams. In addition, the proposal integrates the encouragement of the use of technologies for security, as well as the full identification of the members of the batons

The deputy who recently took over from Alberto Urincho (he was granted the license) and who only protested this month of March, configured the project within the framework of the violent events that occurred in the Corregidora Stadium during the match between white roosters and Atlas for day six of the Grita México Clausura 2022 tournament of the MX Leaguehighest category of sport in the country.

The legislator assured in one of the eleven pages that make up the document that what happened in Querétaro is not an isolated event and cited an investigation by the media The Mister in which he reports that after an analysis of 148 effective weeks of activity in Mexican soccer (not counting vacations, periods of suspension or games without an audience due to Covid-19) every 4.8 weeks there is a violent event.

Violence in the Querétaro stadium (AFP)
Violence in the Querétaro stadium (AFP)

That is to say, from the Clausura 2018 and until the acts of the Corregidora Stadiumthere have been a total of 31 incidents in 37 months. As a historical context, he added the argument of the appearance of the hooligans in England and how these caused a wave of violence in club football. He pointed to the English as an example of the consequences generated by this type of group and how the problem was solved.

Finally, Rangel Moreno brought up the cases of South American countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Brazil, whose football has been characterized by the presence of the bars and which have already implemented security measures to address the problem of violence in stadiums. Effective or not, the deputy seeks that there is materialized regulations (reforms to the current law) like those of those nations.


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