One of United’s promises retires at the age of 23

David De Gea and Dean Henderson have made headlines for months making Manchester United’s goalkeeping one of the most followed narratives in recent seasons in the Premier League. The level of the Spaniard ended up imposing himself in the fight. One that lived closely for a time Paul Woolston, now Manchester United exporter.

Product of the quarries of the north of England (first Sunderland, then Newcaslte), the one from North Shields arrived at Carrington to be part of the United under-23 squad in 2018 after ending his contract with the magpies. Just four years later, he has been forced to say goodbye.

In a statement on the club’s website, the goalkeeper announced that he was ending his football career after an injury not confirmed by the club, but they point out in England that it could be in the hip. The goalkeeper underwent surgery twice between March and April 2021 and entered a rehabilitation period that will never end, at least to return to the competitive level. At just 23 years old, he is forced to change his life and give up one of his dreams.

In the forced and hard start of this trip, the two United numbers ones want to accompany him. Both Dean Henderson and David De Gea had good for the one who was the training partner on several mornings at Carrington. “It’s always bad news when someone has to retire young. I spoke with him and told him that the most important thing is life, more than football. Having a good life and in conditions. Of course there are problems, but you have to look forward and keep fighting. It was sad. I trained with him when he was fit and it’s really sad news. I wish him well. He is a great goalkeeper and a great guy. I feel very sorry for him,” he said.

Henderson went much further as they had always shared matches being more or less of the same generation. “He was a great guy to work with as we went through the different categories. When we were younger, I remember playing against him at Newcastle. He is a very smart guy and will hold up well. He is a great guy and he knows what he wants. He knew that he wanted to be a player. He was technically gifted and it’s a shame I had to leave him so young. Looking forward, I’m sure he’ll get somewhere he’ll feel good about,” he said.