PSG declared one of its forwards transferable in the midst of the bad sporting moment


The Parisian club has not yet assimilated the harsh elimination in the Champions League, a competition that they aspired to win this season.

Seville - Paris Saint-Germain - Pre-Season Friendlies
© 2021 Getty Images, Getty Images EuropeSeville – Paris Saint-Germain – Pre-Season Friendlies

Paris Saint Germain still regrets the deletion in the UEFA Champions Leaguein the hands of Real Madrid. The multimillionaire Parisian team prepared to conquer that contest, with figures of the stature of Leo Messi and neymarwho were disapproved by the public that days ago approached the Parc de Princes. Now, doors inwards, they are already thinking of a profound restructuring.

In the meantime, Paris Saint-Germain will seek to secure the title in Ligue 1contest that he could not win last season, but that he already has on track in the current contest: played 29 days, has eight points ahead of his escort, Olympique de Marseille. However, at the same time, the directors are already evaluating what will be the assembly of the campus for next year, where important departures are expected.

One of the footballers who seems to be close to the exit door, and who has had less prominence than expected, is Mauro IcardiArgentine center forward who came from the Inter de Milan. As reported by RCM Sports, the attacker was already declared transferable: “His environment trusts that the trend now is for an exit for the one who was very marked by the defeat in Madrid in the Champions League”.

The same portal indicates: “It will depend on the exit offers that are presented. Difficult at the moment to find a club capable of aligning with his contract. He had been signed for 58 million euros”. The curious thing is that one of the most interested clubs would be an old rival, such as AC Milan when Mauro Icardi was a scorer and captain of Inter. However, the possibility of juventusthat he will not renew the contract Paolo Dybala.

will wait for opportunities

On the other hand, RCM Sports points out that the Argentine center forward has not been focused mainly on his football activity for a while: “Icardi is a man who at the moment has no more head for football. He is struggling to recover from what has happened off the pitch in recent months”. At 29 years old, the attacker will look for a new place to reactivate his career.