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millionaires did not have his best night, the defeat against Medellin It revealed some failures, from the group and the collective, where the ambassadors did not hit the options and had to play with an early goal from the rival. The style of the blues is marked, dominating with possession, but they met Medellín, who in his style, slowed down the game, at the right time.

This also conditioned Gamero’s men, who, having possession, found spaces. Despite this, the powerful managed to avoid arrivals in droves. Mosquera’s expulsion changed the process, but Comesaña managed to overcome adversity.

Points to highlight and correct, from Alberto Gamero’s approach:

Comesana he won in the tactical pulse: the Uruguayan understood, as a result of the expulsion, that the attack went into the background. The powerful kept his solid block, which was permeated by the blue band players (Celis and Ruiz).

Little by little, they settled in and the defensive and midfield blocks were denser, going from 4-1-4-1 to 4-5-1. When Ruiz carried the ball, there were always two men who referred to him, because during the first half, he won space from them with a feint and agility.

Errors conditioned Millionaires: not only due to collective development, but also in specific cases. Gamero himself warned about errors, which can happen, but it is important to minimize those game situations. The action of the penalty was born from one of them, going backwards, they got complicated at the beginning of the game.

The domain does not translate into the result, from the statistics: the goals define the games, regardless of who has generated more, kicked, touched or kept the ball. Millionaires came 23 times, of which five were shots on goal (not counting the balls on the post, which do not count in this item).

In addition, he had 75% of the ball. The style of the blues is based on having the ball, they even beat Medellín in this item, with a total of 466 touches, compared to the 156 of the local.

Changes made throughout the match: with the expulsion of Mosquera MarmolejoMillionaires tried to take advantage of that extra man, in much of the commitment. Cuenú left and Silva entered, to take advantage of those spaces to circulate the ball. During the first half, Sosa and Celis broke through the right lane, generating important options facing Luis Erney Vásquez’s goal.

For the second half, he took out the Venezuelans, to make a double block and play with two attackers, leaving Jader Valencia and Herazo in that area. In addition, he moved the defensive zone, placing Vega in central, where he lost that first pass. He recomposed and became a winger, to give Guerra an outlet and that he could stand out.

In addition, from alternating between the central zone and the left side to Murillo, along with Perlaza, who was on both sides. Although criticism may come, they are positions that the players know. But it cannot be ignored, at certain points, that the strategic, positional and other movements and changes changed the fate of the game a little.

The Venezuelan duo was able to contribute more, when Medellín delayed its lines and had compact blocks and even played very close to the area.