The 5 goals that PSG have left until the end of the season


PSG said goodbye to the UEFA Champions League sooner than expected and must now turn their attention to other challenges. Know the 5 goals that Lionel Messi’s team has left until the end of the season.

PSG begins to think about the future
© fake imagesPSG begins to think about the future

Paris Saint Germain faces the consequences caused by the elimination he suffered at the hands of Real Madrid in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. While rethinking situations that occurred during the campaign, the psg He will seek to achieve different objectives before the end of the campaign and think about the future of the team.

The conquest of League 1 is seen as one of the goals to be met by Parisians, but there are other challenges: retain figures and analyze the departure of others, promote the best version of Leo Messi and define a sports project.

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1. Match the record for titles in Ligue 1

In the event of becoming champion of the current edition of Ligue 1 in France, PSG will equal Saint-Étienne as the top winner of the competitionwith 10 titles.

So far, he is the only leader in the tournament, with 65 points and 15 units more than his immediate pursuers, Olympique de Marseille and Nice.

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2. Strengthen the role of Lionel Messi

Despite having international stars, the team from the French capital he did not reach the collective performance he longed for and had repercussions on Messi’s individual levelwho did not find a favorable ground to display his football repertoire or form partnerships on the field. Therefore, the team will have to find regularity in the game so that the Argentine exhibits the best version of him and does not have to depend on solitary outbursts.

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3. Renew Kylian Mbappé’s contract

The elimination in the Champions League increased even more the possibility that Mbappé decides to leave in freedom of action to Real Madrid after the end of the current campaign. In any case, the directors of PSG will exhaust all instances to convince the striker to renew the contract that ends on June 30.

4. Define the future of some figures

The defeat against Real Madrid added more doubts about the future of some figures on the squad. The main points are neymarwho could be transferred in the next transfer market, and Sergio Ramoswho joined in the middle of last year and was unable to enjoy continuity as a result of repeated injuries.

5. Lay the foundations of a sports project

With Ligue 1 as the only challenge until the end of the season, PSG will try to strengthen the positive aspects of the team and betting on a game philosophy would allow him to go through a process of soccer growth to achieve medium and long-term goals. The impatience of the highest authorities of the club, together with the discomfort of the supporters, would be the main obstacles.

One of the details to be defined will be the situation of Mauricio Pochettinowho could be dismissed at the end of the tournament.