the opinion of the PSPV-PSOE through Arcadi Spain

Arcadi Spain, Minister of Urban Planning, has been silent for a while after Valencia presented the Nou Mestalla project. He was especially interested in knowing the opinion of the person in charge of the Conselleria de Urbanismo (PSPV-PSOE) since he is the one who, from the beginning, has been most critical of the expiration of the ATE and the demands on the club. In an institutional statement to which he has had access ValenciaArcadi Spain announces the new step they are going to take regarding the New Stadium project and that it goes through two new reports: “Once we received the documentation from Valencia and after a first analysis, we have asked the IVF (Valencian Institute of Finance, or what comes to be the Bank of the Generalitat) to analyze the guarantees that have been presented to us. We have also asked the City Council to analyze the planning order, that is, if it meets the conditions that were signed in the agreement and other incorporations of the ATE from the urban and municipal point of view.When we have the reports, we will assess the solvency and the guarantees provided by the property of the Valencia”

Later, something more was explained in the program BE SPORTSwhere he assured that: “The project presented is under study. Priority: economic guarantees. We all want a stadium, but not just any stadium. We want a stadium with decent conditions for the city and for Valencia”. In this sense, before issuing any opinion, the Minister waits two reports, one from the IVF and another from the City Council. “The financial proposal that has been counted is to see what degree of confidence from a technical point of view, that is why the IVF report will be fundamental. It is a step that they have presented the paper, but we have to see if it is the good one and it is what we are studying. We await the IVF report to issue an assessment”.

Arcadi Spain (Photo: EFE)

Financing in his opinion is key. “The paper is very long-suffering and there must be guarantees and we are going to see if behind what they say these goods are worth, they are really worth it.” In that sense, as far as the price of the stadium is concerned, Spain has recognized thatThe invasion of Ukraine may increase the cost. “If it affects all the works, it must also affect this one. It may happen that the tension of materials increases the projected costs of the work and this must be taken into account

The ATE is dead but the works of the Nou Mestalla can be resumed

“In August there is a report from the Generalitat attorney that the ATE had to expire, it began in November and was transferred to Valencia. That file has been started. What the GVA attorney tells us has not been complied with and therefore it is rescinded, as has happened with other ATEs. It is an imperative mandate. On the game board there is no need to talk about the ATE, another thing is what to do when it does not exist and urban planning continues. Resuming the works on the stadium does not depend on the ATE. They depend on the municipal license with that they can start the works”, explained an Arcadi Spain who recalled that “Without ATE the administration can decide what is done on that lot and what depends on maintaining that assessment: that a project, that it is viable and that it is guaranteed”.

“In addition to requesting the report from the IVF, we have asked the Valencia City Council to tell us whether or not we maintain the urban advantages. They must tell us on that plot whether these conditions should be maintained or not.

To maintain the advantages of the ATE, the Generalitat “In addition to requesting the report from the IVF, we have asked the Valencia City Council to tell us whether or not we maintain the urban advantages. They must tell us on that plot whether these conditions should be maintained or not. If they want to maintain urban criteria, some commitments have to be maintained, some agreed conditions and the public interest must be safeguarded and that is where the City Council’s vision of the city is important”.

Your summary: :”We want a good stadium that is endorsed by the previous commitments of the VCF ownership with the changes that have to be made due to the context and because the years have passed, but that maintains criteria of quality, size and usefulness to the club and to the appropriate environment and the City Council will inform us of that”.

‘If you want urban uses, there must be construction guarantees and public interest guarantees’

Valencia can resume the works if they are given the licenses

“That the works resume depends on the licences. They have requested it. Then there is the other party. The urban guarantees depend on the reports. If they were not sufficient, Valencia would be required to modify it”, explained the minister who, in a moderate position he recalls ‘If urban uses are wanted, there must be construction guarantees and guarantees on the public interest”‘

New Valencia CF Stadium
New Valencia CF Stadium

Rafael Climent: “I think the Nou Mestalla project is executable but it has to be studied”

The statements of David Spain They arrive hours after Rafael Climent, Minister of Economy (Commitment) in them Àpunt morning news. In them he has returned to be optimistic with the submitted report. “At the moment the project is being analyzed by the technicians. I have personally spoken with the Ministry of Economy and when they are analyzed we will see what can be done and make the decisions about the Mestalla ATE. But we have to wait to have and analyze all the reports. While I am going to speak with Arcadi Spain and in the end we will make a decision as Consell of what has to happen with the football field and the Benicalap pavilion”.

Rafael Clemente in Apoint
Rafael Clemente in Apoint

One of the reports must be issued by the City Council and its manager, sandra gomezhas already expressed its reluctance to a reduced Mestalla. If the report were negative, what would the Ministry do: “IF there is no possibility of carrying out the project, we would have to say no with the repercussions that this could have in the judicial field. But in any case, I am going to wait because I don’t know if that report is binding, but if there is no agreement, the discrepancies would lead to the negativity of the project. I want to be careful not to issue political opinions, what you have to do is be rigorous based on the reports of a project that they have presented not too long ago.

Rafael Climent: “I want to be careful not to issue political opinions, what we have to do is be rigorous based on the reports of a project that they have presented not too long ago.”

Regarding viability, Climent recalled the statements when he said that it is the “I already said that it was the best project that he has presented to dateand he said it because until now there were no endorsements. Now we have to study it, see if there are defects or not and, from there, make the decisions that are involved and not issue opinions lightly because we are not doing good for society as a whole or for Valencia and if the objective is to finish the field It’s not very good to do either. I am in favor of analyzing the reports that will not take long, although they are the responsibility of the Department of Territorial Policy,” said Rafael Climent.

Detail of the second ring of the Nou Mestalla (Photo: Valencia CF)
Detail of the second ring of the Nou Mestalla (Photo: Valencia CF)

The Minister remains in his opinion about what is the best project presented “Because for the first time as a whole this project has endorsements. It may be a very nice project but it is not executable. Now for example there is a project and there are endorsements and the question is whether it can be executable or not and I think so but I know must study in detail. From here we will meet at the time to make a decision”.

The next step with the Nou Mestalla

Valencia has already received a call from the Generalitat to debate and analyze the documentation presented on the Nou Mestalla. In the next few days, technicians from the ministries of Town planning and Economy They will meet with those from Valencia to inform them of the deficiencies found in the project presented on March 8 so that they can correct them and the resumption of the works that have been stopped for 13 years can continue, following the model that he presented this Wednesday Mark Fenwick. On March 21, the club received a letter explaining that they had not yet reviewed all the documentation presented. Hours later, a new communication was produced to summon the club and continue working and ironing out the details (capacity, guarantees and documentation in general) in order to one day be able to resume the works. The club this same Thursday has once again offered itself to the ministries to meet as many times as necessary and thus advance as soon as possible and be able to start the works before the end of the year.

New Mestalla (Photo: Valencia CF)
New Mestalla (Photo: Valencia CF)

Maintaining the advantages of the ATE is key

Of course, to comply with the calendar, Valencia CF account that I know maintain the conditions of ATE it’s included extend it until 2030 and thus not lose buildability and value on the plot where the Mestalla stadium is located today. Besides, it must have the approved construction licenses and the necessary legal certainty so that investors can be interested in buying the site of the current Mestalla.

However, it more important is that I know maintain the urban advantages of the ATE, as Mónica glimpsed Mónica Oltra to questions from TheUncheck: “What began in November was the early end of the ATE due to the delays accumulated by Valencia as a promoter and gave it 90 days to present a credible project. If Valencia presented a solvent proposal, it would be estimated to maintain the urban regulations that provides for the ATE, not the ATE. From there, it has to be studied whether this new club proposal responds to that solvency clause. That is what must be assessed, but I am not going to speculate on something that I do not know. I will leave it there “.