Alba sleeps more leader (3-1)

Albacete led by Rubén de la Barrera scored an important victory tonight, at the Carlos Belmonte, against UCAM from Murcia, with which more leaders sleep this Friday and make sure they remain first for another week. Rubén Martínez and Kike Márquez were part of the starting eleven this time and theirs were the two goals in the first half. This time Jordi Sánchez was not in the eleven, but he came on in the second half and gave half a goal of 3-1 to Rubén Martínez, to sentence, after 80 and when Rubén Mesa’s goal had awakened some ghosts in the Belmont, because UCAM was better in the second half, contrary to what had happened in the first half.

With UCAM, former Alba coach José Manuel Aira returned to Belmonte, who this week signed for UCAM after the dismissal of Salva Ballesta, another old acquaintance of Belmonte. In his starting eleven were former white players José Antonio Caro and Liberto Beltrán.

The match started well for Alba, with a goal from Rubén Martínez, in the 11th minute. A cross from Kike Márquez and Rubén Martínez who shot from the side of the area to beat Biel Ribas. He celebrated it lamely, to dedicate it to his wife, Mireia Rodríguez, who had to undergo surgery this week.

On the 29th the clearest opportunity until then would come for UCAM. Javi Jiménez lost the ball and Rubén Mesa crossed Josema from the top of the area, luckily Bernabé appeared to send his shot to a corner.

A very clear chance for Alba shortly after, in minute 32. UCAM lost the ball and Alba mounted a perfect counterattack. Kike Márquez shot, but Charlie took the shot over the goal line, when Belmonte was almost celebrating the goal. In the corner kick, Boyomo finished off but the ball went wide.

Excellent minutes from Albacete Balompié and it would come, in minute 35, 2-0, the work of Kike Márquez. Boyomo’s center from the side of the area and shot by Kike Márquez that hit the post before slipping to the bottom of the rival goal and raising the score to 2-0.

With the 2-0 score, the match went to rest, in a Belmonte with 4,744 spectators who defied the cold, the wind and the rain to cheer on their own. From locker rooms, both teams returned unchanged.

The first to try it in front of goal was Josema, for UCAM, two minutes after the restart, although his shot went wide. UCAM came out better in the second half.

Aira made his first change in minute 56, bringing in Alberto for former Alba Liberto Beltrán.

And Rubén de la Barrera would make his first substitution in minute 62. Fran Álvarez came on for Kike Márquez, to a standing ovation from Belmonte, since the Socovos player had minutes again after two months out due to a knee injury That forced him to go through the operating room.

Rubén Mesa had it in minute 66, but luckily his point-blank shot sent Bernabé to a corner, with a great intervention. He pressed the UCAM and kept trying.

Thus, Rubén Mesa made it 2-1 in minute 69. He left several rivals, got into Bernabé’s area and beat him. The ball hit the right post of Alba’s goal but went inside.

The two technicians moved the bench in 80, with UCAM dominating, who were looking for a tie. Jordi Sánchez entered the Alba for Riki, while Aira made a double change, giving entry to Isi Ríos and Abenza for Josema and Fullana.

UCAM was having more chances, but Jordi Sánchez was the smartest in minute 83, taking advantage of a mistake made by the visiting defense to win the ball in the rival area. He gave the pass to Rubén Martínez, who made it 3-1, entering alone in front of the goalkeeper, his second of the night.

Four minutes later, double change at UCAM. And in 1989 it was Rubén de la Barrera who made a double change. Emmanuel and Kawaya came on for Rubén Martínez and Sergi García.

Without time for much more, the score would not move and Alba celebrated the important victory.