Argentina national team: Scaloni told the chances that Dybala has to be in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

La Joya, with several absences in the South American Qualifiers, did not reach a renewal agreement and will leave Juventus in June. “I’m not worried about the replacement for Lautaro Martínez,” admitted the coach.

Prior to closing the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar World Cup 2022Coach Lionel Scalloni warned that does not rule out Paulo Dybalaabsent in the last call of the Argentine National Team against Venezuela and Ecuadorahead of the appointment that will take place between November 21 and December 18.

In this opportunity, there are no physical reasons or the Covid-19 to explain the Dybala’s new absencebut his soccer present that today distances him from the Argentine National Teamespecially after not having reached a renewal agreement with Juventus, where he lost prominence. So the big question that many ask themselves is if the Cordovan is capable of getting on the list for the worldno matter how much fifa will expand the quota to 26 cited in the final stretch.

“I spoke with Dybala because he was in the recovery process before and after the pre-list. We technically do not discuss it, not at all, we need him to be well and in full condition when he comes. We are not doing him a favor if we call him without having rhythm. He knows it very well and understands it. Missing for the World Cup“he declared Scaloni from the Ezeiza property.

Lionel Scaloni did not rule out Paulo Dybala in the Argentina National Team for the Qatar World Cup


Lionel Scaloni did not rule out Paulo Dybala in the Argentina National Team for the Qatar World Cup

And I add: “For one thing or another he couldn’t be at his best and in the end that affects both him and the team. He is valued by the coaching staff and his teammates, he has the opportunity to be there, but we need him to be well. Otherwise, it gives an advantage and the others who are well have the bonus of being available and being able to offer themselves to the fullest. Thing that he has not been able to when he has come. The important thing is that he recovers and plays in his club and then demonstrate here“.

The Dybala’s last match with the Argentine National Team It was on February 1, 2022, when he beat him 1-0 to Colombia at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium with goal from Lautaro Martinezone of the fixed in the attack, by date 16 of the South American Qualifiers.

That night, the Jewel entered 23 minutes into the second half for Martínezbut on the previous date, against Chile (2-1) at the Zorros del Desierto Stadium, he remained on the substitute bench.

Paulo Dybala leaves Juventus: he did not reach an agreement for the renewal


Dybala will not continue in Juventus. The Argentine striker met this morning with leaders of the Vecchia Signora to negotiate the renewal, but after approximately an hour he left Continassa without having reached an agreement and Italian media -as well as the renowned pass market journalist Fabrizio Romano- confirmed that he will leave on a free transfer at the end of the season.

In October 2021, La Joya had reached a verbal agreement for a contract until 2026 of eight million euros (plus an additional €2M). However, this Monday Juventus changed the conditions to six million net plus €4M in variables and the negotiations broke down.

It should be remembered that when Dybala had reached that verbal agreement, Juventus still hadn’t hired Dusan Vlahovic22-year-old Serbian forward who arrived in Turin in exchange for 81 million euros at the end of January.

The Cordovan had just converted the first goal of what would end up being a 2-0 victory for juventus on Salernitana, by the date 30 of the Series A. The second goal made it precisely Vlahovićwho he had also attended La Joya at 1-0.

Lionel Scaloni and the scoring statistics in the Argentine National Team: “I’m not worried about the replacement of Lautaro Martínez”

Lionel Scaloni: “I’m not worried about the replacement of Lautaro Martínez in the Argentine National Team”


Lionel Scalloni: "I am not worried about the replacement of Lautaro Martínez in the Argentine National Team"

With the absence of Paulo Dybalathe retirement of Sergio Aguero and the alternatives Julian Alvarez, lucas boye, Angel Strap, Joaquin Correa, Nicholas Gonzalez, Lucas Ocampos and Manuel Lanzini in the last list of South American Qualifiersthe big question mark happens in the Argentine National Team for him regular substitute for Lautaro Martínez as area 9 Facing the Qatar World Cup 2022. A situation that does not seem to concern him much Lionel Scallonior at least that’s what he reflected at a press conference.

“The statistic is logically Lautaro Martínez because he has always been our number 9, it is normal that he is the team’s top scorer and that the second is the other striker, I see it as normal. The team is good in terms of goals, it is not bad in statistics And as for his replacement, we have no problems because we know that we have different options.. Some may be more wingers than forwards and that is depending on what we want in each game. It is not something that worries us, especially because Lautaro is fine. So we are fine and with the replacements, too. There is nothing else to worry about“, clarified the DT, who he did not summon Giovanni Simeone or Lucas Alario to face Venezuela and Ecuador.

The scorers of Lionel Scaloni’s cycle in the Argentine National Team:

  • 19 goals: Lautaro Martinez.
  • 15 goals: Leo Messi.
  • 3 goals: Leandro Paredes.
  • 3 goals: Sergio Agueroretired today.
  • 3 goals: Angel Di Maria.
  • The rest have two and some have one.

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