“I am proud to be captain of Chelsea being a foreigner”

DAZN, the leading global sports streaming platform, offers football fans a new episode of ‘Fever Pitch’, the format that, hand in hand with Nacho Gonzalezbrings English football fans the best stories of the Premier league. On this occasion, under the title ‘Oh captain, my captain’, the protagonist is César Azpilicuetadefense of chelsea. The Spanish player reflects on his role as Chelsea’s first captain, after being appointed after Cahill’s departure in 2019: “Each captain is in a different way, with a different personality. In the end, you have to prove it every day, in good times, in difficult times, which is when you have to be there the most, and lead by example”, explains the former Osasuna player. In addition to Azpilicueta, ‘Fever Pitch’ also includes testimonials from other prominent Premier League players such as Thiago Silva, Alexander Lacazette, Rodri Hernandez or the former midfielder manchester city, Yaya Toure.

A dream come true

César Azpilicueta has become one of the most profitable players in the recent history of the ‘blue’ team, which took over his services in 2012. The Spanish international has become a legend of stamford bridgeamong other virtues, for his perseverance and excellent performance: “This is my tenth season here. When I came, I never imagined that I could get to where I am right now”, comments the former player of the Marseille Olympicswho has assumed his duties as captain naturally: “The role of captain in England is different from that in Spain and here it is true that you can have more responsibilities off the pitch. Also, we are more involved with the referees, with the Premier League, within the club… I am very proud of the fact of becoming captain, even though I am a foreigner”, he affirms.

“When I came, I never imagined that I could get to where I am right now”

Likewise, the Navarrese footballer indicates the importance of showing the necessary attention to the fans: “I think it’s time to return that gratitude, it costs very little and, of course, I think everyone appreciates it and appreciates it”.

Reference for the locker room

Thiago Silva, Chelsea’s central defender since last season, points out the importance of Azpilicueta in the London dressing room: “Azpilicueta, since I arrived, was one of my main supports. There are several players who have stripes to be captain and he is one of them. He is a player who seeks union, who tries to help others”. In addition, the Brazilian international points out that his perseverance has been one of the keys that have made the captain of the ‘blue’ team one of the best defenders in Europe: “He is a spectacular footballer, a super-professional who, with certainty, deserves to be where is. Azpilicueta has bestial conditions.”

“He’s a spectacular footballer, a super-professional who, with certainty, deserves to be where he is. Azpilicueta has beastly conditions”

Thiago SilvaAzpilicueta’s teammate at Chelsea

The ‘Arteta effect’

The Arsenal one of the best seasons in recent years is curdling. The London team is in positions of Champions League in the absence of eight days for the end of the Premier League and the captain of the ‘gunners’, Alexander Lacazettebelieves they can return to the top continental competition: “We are focused on being in the top four. We want to put the team in the Champions League next season. We work for it throughout the week and at the moment, it is working. We want to continue like this, work hard every day to play well over the weekend”, explains the French striker. In this sense, the Arsenal player indicates who is primarily responsible for this great campaign for the London squad: “Arteta is the leader, the boss, even the boss of the club. Since he arrived, a lot of things have changed, including the mentality of the whole world… It’s all about him”.

“Arteta is the leader, the boss, even the boss of the club. Since he arrived, many things have changed, including everyone’s mentality… It’s all about him.”


Alexander LacazetteArsenal player

Rodri Hernández and his idols

In this edition of ‘Fever Pitch’, the Spanish player for Manchester City, Rodrigo Hernandezmakes reference to his childhood idol: “My idol has always been Zidane. It doesn’t look much like how I play, but I’ve always had a shirt of his. Rodri is also a great F1 fan and this year he will pay great attention to another of his favorite athletes, Fernando Alonso: “There has been a lot of talk about Fernando’s ‘El Plan’, I don’t know very well what he means . Man, I hope that with this change in regulations there will be much more equality and with Fernando’s talent, if you match the cars, he has a chance of winning”.

“My idol has always been Zidane. He’s not much like how I play, but I’ve always had a shirt of his”

Rodri scored the winning goal for City

Rodrigo HernandezManchester City player

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The Spanish midfielder has established himself as the perfect replacement for one of the most important legends in the history of Manchester City, Yaya Touré. The Ivorian midfielder is also the star of ‘Fever Pitch’, describing his best goal in the ‘citizen’ shirt: “The one I scored against Aston Villa. The ‘goal to Messi’. After scoring, people said: ‘It’s a normal goal’. But, seriously?. I caught the ball after 90 minutes: 94 minutes, 97 minutes… Can you believe it? The players are tired at this point. I received the ball between four players, I kept it in the center of the field, I dribbled, I entered the area, I left the goalkeeper and… I should have won the Ballon d’Or…”, the former FC Barcelona player comments with a laugh.