Maitane Vilario: “The team is motivated, we want that promotion to the First Iberdrola and it shows”

Maitane Vilario added his tenth goal of the season against Levante Las Planas. The striker is shining in her first season as a first-team player

Play with the self-confidence of any rookie, but speak like a great veteran. Maitane Vilariño (Olazagutía, 06/30/2002) is no longer the future that broke into the Osasuna first team last season and has become a reality. The Navarrese combines scoring goals with the rojillas with her studies in Biochemistry at the UNAV. Focused on football, Vilariño does not hide her goals: get promoted to Primera Iberdrola this season and, why not, play in El Sadar, a fact that makes her eyes shine.

How is the team nine games from the end of the regular season?
-Now, much better. After beating the leader this weekend we’re down to four points with nine games to go and if they puncture in a game we’re close. We see it much more possible and we are much more motivated for it. Those four points, at the minimum that we are giving war and that we win and that they fail… there will be a league. 27 points is a lot.

5 wins in the last 6 games make them the fittest team in the group at the moment
-In the end, we are noticing that things are being worked on in training and what we are working on during the week is being reflected on the field and that helps us a lot. The team is motivated, we want that promotion and it shows.

How key was the victory the other day to continue fighting at the top of the table?
-If we were to lose we put ourselves to ten points, and then it would have been impossible. But now we are four points away, it is possible that they puncture and that we get closer and, why not, become first.

What did they talk about in the locker room at the end of the game? What message was released?
– More than at the end of the game, the message was at the break. We had to put up with that result no matter what, because if they scored a goal they would get back into the game. We knew how to hold on to the result and the game was crazy because there was enormous motivation to get the three points, and now, with this rush, we want another three.

The leader came to Tajonar, the party had many incentives
-We really wanted them after the game there, because in the end it hurt a lot. It looked 3-1, but what we did on the field was not reflected. They took advantage of our mistakes, and we wanted them in that aspect.

The match begins with his goal, one more example that he is contributing in his first season in the first team
-I did not expect to have so much prominence when I came up from B, and being the first year with them and in the category. But what I always say, without the team, the confidence of the coach or the motivation, it would not be possible.

How are you feeling personally?
–Very motivated, very happy, with incredible confidence, and I think that in the end it is what a player always needs, to come eager to each training session, to each game, because otherwise it is impossible.

He already amazed at the end of last season and it seems that he has not noticed the category jump at any time
-Yes, the jump is noticeable. The intensity is much greater. Now I also want to thank the coach on the field for the opportunity she has given me. I think that on the one hand I am complying, and on the other I want to continue adding.

Do you feel more pressure this year than in previous years, due to the importance of achieving the objective?
-With B we wanted to be up because the first team was fighting for promotion with Alavés. Due to errors, the promotion could not be achieved. It’s not something I think about, but I don’t want to think about the promotion so much because you get confused. I don’t think about it much, but when we were in that sixth, fifth place you did say that you had to give it a go because in that aspect you do feel pressure, but now, having won the first ones, there is still more. But I don’t want to think about it and let it be what it is.

What did Kakun ask of you when he told you that he was going to have a first-team record and what does he ask of you now, if anything has changed?
-He asks me the usual, that we give everything on the field, that we help the one next door, to all the teammates, that we give everything until the last minute and now he even demands more of you and I see it well, because it motivates you.

Despite speaking like a veteran, she hasn’t had a full season with the team. Who are the ones in the locker room that give you the most advice?
–Herrero (Paula) helps me a lot, gives me a lot of advice in the games. She is always trying to correct those little mistakes that later give the player a plus. The ‘capis’ are always there, Miri, ‘Ibra’ (María González), that in the end I live with them… they are very important and being with all of them gives you that plus. And what about the coaches, who are always behind helping you.

And the mirrors in which you look?
–Seeing the positions in which I play are Patri, Lore… When you play there you look at what they do. Blanco also helps me a lot and it’s normal in the end because they’ve been at it for many years. You do it unconsciously, but you notice and learn from them.

We have talked about the good moment of the team, but for Christmas it went through a bump in results. At what time do they change the chip?
-In the end, losing those points against the teams with which at first glance you see yourself superior, but you don’t understand why they beat you. You start to see the games, what you do wrong, you see that what you thought you did well was not so and we all realized that something had to be done. And that change has caused us to have this streak.

That change they experienced was seen in the victory in Abegondo against Deportivo, the first defeat they suffered in their field
“We really wanted that game. Going thinking that no team had taken the points made us go with the motivation of wanting to be the first to win, because we also needed the points and there we changed the chip because we thought that if we had been able to beat Depor, that nobody had won, we can do anything this season and I think we’re showing it.

He has said that in case of losing against the leader they would remain ten points apart. Has there been a time when you have ruled out promotion?
-In that Christmas section I thought at home that either we woke up or it was going to be impossible to reach that first place and we would have to settle for being between second and fifth place. It was a change of chip of all. I think it has been noticed and now we are closer. Go game by game, because otherwise we’re going to get stuck and that’s what we don’t want.

There are nine games left, where is the roof of the team?
-This team has no ceiling. It is being seen that each year it is overcome, that although people may consider us dead we are still there and that we never give up. We have to keep climbing step by step, get 27 out of 27 points, but the first thing is this game, which is going to be very, very important and the key is going to be winning this weekend.

And what about Maitane Vilariño?
-Well (laughs) I hadn’t thought about it. you got me I want to focus this season on trying to reach the maximum number of goals possible to help the team, and the maximum number of assists as well. Try to do a lot of things to help the team this year and next year we will see, which will surely be very special, especially if we get that promotion.

He has spoken before that they correct him in the field. What room for improvement does she have?
–I think I have to focus on not leaving the game when I miss some occasion, which Josune always tells me, to raise my head, that I am going to have another one and that the next one is going to enter me. Being so young, I am 19 years old, I can improve it and keep trying every game. And keep adding to help the team as much as possible.

His break into the first team and his performances are celebrated on social networks. Do you pay much attention to them?
–I follow more Instagram, the truth. I get less involved on Twitter but the followers are always there and it’s something that makes me very happy, because in the end you’re seeing not only my work but that of the team, and that’s important not only for me, but for Osasuna and for football feminine.

Another of the topics that has come to be discussed is about the return of the Women’s team to play in El Sadar, something that I sense will excite you
–Being from Navarra, playing in the team from your land, any player wants to play in El Sadar. If the opportunity is given it would be incredible, if it is not another year it will be.

And score a goal, as a teammate did
-I have asked Miri about what it feels like to score in El Sadar and she told me that it is an incredible feeling, that it is amazing. She also asked me how I would react and I told her that I would not know, that I would be excited if that were the case. Wishing it could happen because it would be an unforgettable experience, I would never forget it.

Those who until a year ago were her teammates could be promoted to Reto Iberdrola. What message does it send them?
-I give them all the encouragement, they are incredible players, when I see them play I see it and part of me being in the first team is them. I hope they get it, that they celebrate it in style and that they share it, because they deserve it for the year they’ve done.