Scared of stars in Italy

For the second consecutive time, Italy will not be at the World Cup event in Qatar. The defending European champion lost in the first round of the playoff against North Macedonia and he stays out of a World Cup again, where he has not attended since 2014. In Italy, the blame for the elimination is shared: stars are missing, the clubs do not bet on Italian players, the academies are full of footballers from other countries

The fact that they have failed to have no representative in the Champions League quarterfinalswith the tremendous blow of Juventus as the maximum exponent of the crisis, it exacerbates the situation. Serie A has lowered its level in recent years, and the summer could be dramatic. If there are already just a few elite players, after the transfer market the situation could be more serious, since Up to 10 big names end their contract in June. Together they add up to a whopping 203.5 million euros of market value, according to Transfermarkt.

frank kessie

The most valuable of all. The Milan midfielder, after three years with the Rossoneri and seven in Italy, has decided not to renew his contract and will pack for Barcelona. Xavi seduced him with the possibility of being part of his project and the Catalan club will take free to a player whose market value is 45 million euros.

paulo dybala

paulo dybala photo

La Joya will leave Turin in June after both the club and the player have decided that it is best for both of them to go their separate ways. The Argentine wanted a change of life and the club did not want to make much effort for retaining a star who has declined in recent seasons. The League, the Premier and PSG raffle off a player whose value is 40 million euros.

Andrea Bellotti

Belotti's photo

It has been the great star of Torino in the last seven seasonsbut the Italian striker, after the fiasco of his selection, is determined to change the scene. With a value of 28 million euros, one of the great Italian strikers of recent years has not yet decided which team he will go to, although ‘siren songs’ sound from the US.

Alexander Romagnoli

Photo of Romagnoli

Milan is going to suffer a major leak this summer. In addition to Kessié, he will suffer a very important loss in defense. The center-back, key in Pioli’s scheme, is far from renewing with the Rossoneri club, although he is in talks with the club. He has been linked with Barcelona in some media, but it seems that the closest option to materialize is Lazio, so he would not leave Italy.

louis philip

Louis Philippe's photo

Precisely, Romagnoli would arrive at Lazio to cover the loss of Luiz Felipe. The Brazilian center-back will arrive this summer at the end of his fifth year of contract and he is the one who has the clearest future. The 25-year-old defender, with a value of 18 million euros, will reinforce Betis’ defense for free, in another great move by the Verdiblanca board.

Federico Bernardeschi

Photo by Bernardeschi

The Italian attacker is another one whose future is not clear at all. He still does not renew with Juventus despite the efforts of the Bianconeri to extend their relationship. The winger, who once played for Atleti and even for Barça, has been offered to the two Milan clubs, so his future aims to remain linked to his native country.

Cuadrado, Perisic, Mkhitaryan or Marusic, other big losses

Juventus also wants to renew Juan Cuadrado, but the Colombian has held talks with Premier clubslike Tottenham, and could leave Turin. Finally, the Croatian Ivan Perisic it is clear that he will not continue at Inter, but has not yet negotiated with any teamthe same situation that others are going through Mkhitaryan OR Marusic.