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Looking ahead to the final leg of the championship, Atlético Nacional recovered Alexander Mejíaa player with personality, leadership and the experience that comes from having won several titles with the purslane, including the Copa Libertadores. The man from Barranquilla enjoys that good moment with his family and seeks to contribute a lot to the group, both on and off the field.

I feel very happy to be here. When time passes and the career is shortened, one seeks to be more professional. I take good care of myself, rest properly. My family is very happy in Medellin and that joy is what I try to put on the pitch every day,” Mejía remarked.

Regarding that leading role, Alex commented that “As a leader, I must give a good message, help my colleagues at all times. At halftime against Cali we were silent in the dressing room, before leaving, I spoke with my teammates, we had to reverse that moment and we achieved it together with the variations that the coach made. Every day I try to motivate them and push them when it’s due.”

Mejía added about this moment of the team, the work of the coaching staff where Francisco Maturana, Jaime ‘Jimmy’ Arango, among others, are taking an active part. “The most important thing is the approach that the coach has had with the idols and the most experienced with the youngsters. That is good for them to understand what we all want and it is something that fills us, satisfies us, for representing this institution. The joy is noticeable and that should be reflected on the field. We look forward to prolonging that performance for the longest amount of time.”

The man from Barranquilla also had time to dedicate a few words to Humberto Acevedo, who, in a press conference, pointed out the emotion of the Nacional players in celebrating the 3-3 draw against Deportivo Cali. “Regardless of the tie, we celebrate the rebellion and character of managing to tie an unfavorable result. It’s easy to talk, it’s fine, they are appreciations, he has his and I have mine, I celebrate the 3-3 and we are in second place in the table“.

Analyzing the next rival in the championship, Mejía remarked that “In six months in Santa Fe I left great friendships, good relationships and now I am focused on Nacional, we want to win, we will seek to do what is appropriate and seek a positive result. Santa Fe is a complicated rival, I know them well and they are very demanding. If we are in our performance and doing the right thing, we will be closer to victory. The main goal is the League. We want to qualify as soon as possible to be calmer”.

Alexander spoke about that last injury that took him away from key duels such as the Copa Libertadores, where they were quickly eliminated in the preliminary phase at the hands of Olimpia from Paraguay. “That time of my injury I lived with bitterness. I try to take good care of myself, I felt a lot of anger, frustration. The boys gave their best, we didn’t qualify for the Libertadores, but the victory in the classic gave us a better outlook”.

Finally, he highlighted the role of Sebastián Gómez as a brand midfielder in the team. “The most important thing is the one who plays as head of the area has communication so that the team creates fewer spaces for the rival. Sebastián Gómez is going through a great moment, I admire him, he is an important reference, I know about his work and what knew how to wait.”

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8