The unsuccessful formula of the ointment and the formula of Jorge Mas

While Real Zaragoza definitely lost the ointment formula after a very last minute draw against Amorebieta, saved in extremis by the misunderstood Iván Azón, whom Juan Ignacio Martínez punishes with substitution for esoteric reasons, a reflection of the depressive state in which the team has fallen After the defeat in Cartagena and, above all, due to the decisive accumulation of casualties in the center of the field, the Sociedad Anónima is definitively heading towards the end of an institutional cycle that has lasted for the last eight years.

The signing of the sale of the majority shareholding package to the group led by Jorge Mas, a billionaire businessman American with Cuban roots, along with his brother and several executives from the world of finance, will put an end to a very long and tortuous process that will lead to the change of regime in the club, which will remain in the hands of foreigners for the first time in its 90-year history.

We are, therefore, facing an unprecedented situation. to which many other Spanish and European entities, with a tradition similar to that of Real Zaragoza, had opened in the last decade as a sign of these times of wild globalization. The stage that is now going to end was socially, emotionally, financially and corporately finished months ago, although it has continued due to force majeure. It will foreseeably end with the team where they found him, in the Second Division, after seasons of sporting frustrations, but in a better economic situation than that, with a significantly lower debt and a well-ordered SAD.

One of the world’s great fortunes will enter the management of the club, owner of a heritage of more than 1,200 million dollars according to Forbes magazine. But, whom his circle of trust defines as a dreamer, has the main thing to have in football so that dreams can come true: money. The crossroads where it will appear on the property in 2022 saves similarities with that of 2014 in which the illusion of Zaragoza was revitalized: there is a clear need to initiate a change of cycle due to the exhaustion of the current one, the SAD immediately needs a economic, social and sports boost to regenerate itself and fight for promotion to the First Division with solid arguments, and as a parallel engine of growth is back in the spotlight the construction of a new stadium with an important role in the equation just like eight years ago, despite the fact that the circumstances already passed, first related to a new municipal policy and then to a world order, have prevented carrying out all those plans perfectly and previously designed.

Jorge Mas poses in front of the Inter Miami stadium. INTER MIAMI

The fans have been extremely understanding during this period. The straw of his patience has taken eight years to fill. This is a hungry place, with a wonderful following and tremendous support and social depth. But a dreamer is going to find in Zaragoza a city that dreams of football, of re-greening days of glory and of being great again. That is one of the first things that the American-Cuban businessman and his work team must understand when they set foot on Aragonese soil. Soccer is not the boredom of this Friday night, nor an EBITDA, nor a balance sheet, nor an income statement, nor a number that indicates a surplus, nor another that indicates a deficit.

Football is a very powerful hallmark and a gigantic feeling, a social lever whose main mission is to make people happy, not repeatedly anger them. For this you need the numbers to add up, but above all triumphs and sporting successes and the collective joys consequent. Precisely what the Zaragoza that is now languishing has not achieved and what the one that is about to sprout must make its absolute priority. That will be Mas’s challenge: to make Real Zaragoza more with the lost formula of Real Zaragoza as always.