Atlético de Madrid B – Women’s Espanyol: They are already co-leaders! (0-3)

The Female Spanish has surpassed the Atletico Madrid B by 0-3. Adriana Martin, Mayan Yamamoto and Xenia They have resolved the match in favor of the visitors. This triumph allows the blue and white team to become co-leader, since the Raise the Planes has lost 0-3 against Sports.

The team of Ruben Married he has assumed his role as favorite and has dominated the match from the beginning. The Blue and Whites were about to get ahead on the scoreboard in the 15th minute, when Maya He has tried a very distant shot that has crashed into the crossbar of the mattress goal. Hits from long distance have continued to be the main weapon of the parakeets during the first half given the defensive solidity shown by the locals.

And, precisely, a shot from outside the area Adriana Martin has allowed the Spanish open the bookmark. The forward controlled the ball up front and put it into the top corner with a perfectly placed shot. A real goal. Before the break, Carol Marin could have increased the difference. The midfielder received the ball on the edge of the area and tried a powerful shot that went over the crossbar.

As soon as the second part begins, the Spanish He was about to sentence the match. Xenia has made a new hit from afar and Dawn of Isidro has deflected the ball when it was heading towards the top corner. The Blue and Whites have not forgiven their rivals and have already signed the sentence of the match ten minutes later thanks to a goal from Mayan Yamamoto after a ball recovery in the rival field.

The last bars of the game have passed very placidly for the parakeets. The only occasion of Atletico Madrid B has come in a counterattack action in which Cristina Rincon He has entered the area and has tried a shot that has gone wide. What’s more, Xenia He has put the icing on the match in injury time with a great goal. The defender sent the ball to the top corner with a shot 30 meters from the goal to convert the final 0-3.

Data sheet

Atletico Madrid B: Alba de Isidro, Yolanda Sierra, Alba Zafra, Claudia Sánchez, Reyes, Cristina Rincón, Esther García, Teruel, Tanarro, Miriam Valladolid, Alexia.

Spanish: Myllyoja; Turmo, Xenia, Baudet (Female, 63′), Maya, Sara (Clara, 82′), Carol Marín, Julia Guerra, Adriana Martín, Caracas (Masagli, 82′), Ari Sánchez (Nora, 53′).

goals: 0-1, Adriana Martin (29′); 0-2, Maya Yamamoto (57′); 0-3, Xenia (90 ‘).

Stadium: Wanda Sports City.