Azón passes the game. The chronicle of Real Zaragoza-Amorebieta (1-1)

insist on what Ivan Azon He should not be a starter because he contributes more from the bench, it is as unfair as it is undeserved for a 19-year-old boy who does not raise his voice or pout. Another in his place would have already made clear his enormous anger or, at least, would have asked the coach for explanations. Ivan, however, He is a home boy who puts up with whatever is thrown at him and who gives his life for the shield he has adored since he was a child.. Maybe that’s why, for good, he is never a starter despite the fact that he is already the team’s top scorer along with a teammate whose participation and salary multiply by ten that of the youth squad, yesterday, once again the savior of a mediocre Real Zaragoza, obtuse and erratically directed from the bench.

Amorebieta grew as a Zaragoza without air in the midfield and poorly managed was reduced

Azón saved his Zaragoza from a certain defeat that he had earned hard because his second half, like in Cartagena, was a disaster and because his coach refused to refresh the midfield with a boy from the subsidiary despite the fact that the game and the team were crying out for it. Zaragoza fell while Amorebieta grew, but Azón, the usual, avoided a defeat that would have put an end to the story. The value of the draw, in any case, is low. Or not. It depends on where each one allocates the accounts.

Zaragoza faced the duel well. Intense in high pressure and dynamic with the ball, the Aragonese team insisted on the search for the flanks as the straightest path to danger against Amorebieta who, with three central defenders, accumulated troops in the middle.

a great Borgia

The great protagonist of the first period was Borja Sainz, who, on his return to ownership after five games out of the eleven, wasted enthusiasm from the right wing of the Zaragoza attack. From there came the most dangerous attempts in the form of poison centers that neither Alvaro not especially Sabin Merino they managed to convert into a goal. The man from Elche was the first to try, but his header went meekly into the hands of Santamaría, who had already tried his gloves to stop a direct free kick thrown by Eugeni Valderrama.

The local momentum, however, faded with the passing of the minutes. Amorebieta raised the pressure line and bothered a Zaragoza that swallowed saliva when Nolaskoainalone, he sent the ball into the clouds after a poor clearance from chavarria.

But Borja was the light in the blackout. The Basque gave the night to I followed based on runs, dribbles and a lot of depth at the service of a Zaragoza that he served as an outlet. Two measured centers to Sabin Merino did not end in a goal by centimeters shortly after the winger himself, this time from the left, looked for the goal with a distant shot that did not go far.

But the clearest chance of the entire first half was for Amorebieta. A serious error, again with the foot, by Cristian left the ball in Guruzeta’s right boot, who, surprised by the present, shot on goal instead of approaching an unguarded goal. His shot went wide for a collective respite from a Romareda who does not win for scares.

Zaragoza tried to face the second half as the beginning of the first, but the push lasted even less. Five minutes if anything. On the third of the restart, Another good move by Borja and his opening to Chavarría resulted in a cross from the Catalan that the winger finished off the right post of a Santamaría whose prayers were heard.

But until then a Zaragoza lasted to which the numerous casualties in the midfield were leaving without the oxygen that his coach renounced to provide from the bench. JIM bet, however, to replace Borja, the best of the match, supposedly to avoid problems with the subsidiary’s chips due to the entry of Puche and Azón, despite the fact that the regulations allow up to four at a time and the risk it is intuited with three.

Without Borja and with a suffocated spinal cord, Amorebieta gained ground based on push, direct play and set pieces, his favorite tool. This is how Óscar Gil’s goal came when he unappealably headed a corner kick. By then, Eugeni, one of the suffocated, was no longer in the field. His substitute was neither Isaiah nor Vaquerothe most logical options to bring fresh air to Zapater and Vada, who had been carrying the bottle for some time. the chosen one was grandson to form a double side with Chavarría and further accentuate the chaos in a Zaragoza that only had the heroic left to stay on its feet. AND the hero of this team is 19 years old, his name is Iván and he does it so well that he is never a starter.

R. Zaragoza: Cristian Alvarez; Fran Gámez, Lluís López, Jair, Chavarría (Nano Mesa, m.87); Vada, Zapater, Eugeni (Nieto, m.75); Borja Sáinz (Puche, m.65), Alvaro Giménez and Sabin Merino (Iván Azón, m.65).

Amorebieta: Santamaria; Aldalur (Markel Lozano, m.75), Oscar Gil, Nolaskoain, Irazabal, Seguin; Olaetxea (Luengo, m.82), San José, Iker Bilbao (Alvaro Peña, m.63); Guruzeta (Ozkoidi, m.82) and Moreno (Obi, m.63).

Goals: 0-1. M.78. Oscar Gil; 1-1. M.97. Ivan Azon.

Referee: Avalos Barrera (Catalan Committee). He admonished the local Vada and the visitors Seguin, Oscar Gil, Nolaskoain, Obi and Irazábal.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 33 played at the La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza before some 15,000 spectators