Betis, very attentive to the latest clue about Fabián’s future, with good news and worse

Napoli are resigned to selling it, since it does not renew and ends in 2023, with LaLiga as the most likely destination and their exes rubbing their hands

could have gotten out A year and a half agoduring that summer window turned into autumn due to the pandemic, a real brake on a multimillion-dollar transfer of drawer. because the evolution of Fabian Ruiz (25) since his arrival at Naples It has been stratospheric. A Italian Cup is the little baggage champion and MVP of the European under 21 of the year 2019when he had already established himself with the absolute of Spain, but it did not hurt him to return to the ‘Rojita’ to marvel at his new ‘home’, since that tournament was played in transalpine lands and in San Marino. Aurelius of Laurentiisthat he could not convince the Real Betis of a reduction in 30 million euros of the clause from the midfielder, he rubbed his hands before an appraisal that rose like foam, getting off the hook with a request of 80 kilos for the left-hander to which no one came. He even allowed himself to reject the 50 he put on the table the Athletic when the Arsenal he took a check book to the disappointing later Thomas Partey.

Now, two seasons later, the Partenopeo leader finds himself in a complicated situation, without the upper hand that he likes to grab so much, because Fabián has rejected all proposals of renewal presented by the ‘azzurri’ club, who did not contemplate their counteroffer in the form of a salary increase up to the first step of the workforce. In this situation, he only has to sell it, because, if he does not do it next summer, the palatial man could commit freely and at zero cost with whoever he wanted for the 23/24. That would be the dream of the team from where he made the jump to A leagueaware of the impossibility of entering a auction for his youth squad, but to offer him a high salary and a project ambitiousin full increasein case you wanted to pick up where you left off.

Be that as it may, any movement of the left-handed midfielder outside of Italy suits also to Betis, at least financially. And not because he reserved a percentage of any future transfer of Fabián, but by the so-called fifa solidarity mechanism. Having trained the footballer during a large part of the period between 12 and 23 years of age, the Heliopolitans will correspond to a 4.5% of any amount that is paid for him throughout his career, provided that it involves a change of national federation (a transfer through international transfer). It is not worth, to understand us, a change of club within the same country. The last track is given by ‘Sport’, knowing that going back to The league is the midfielder’s priority and that Barcelona and Real Madrid They have followed its evolution for practically five years.

Information from the Catalan newspaper indicates that Ancelottiwho already directed him during his first stage in Naples, has requested the top merengue leader, Florentino Perezto make an effort for Fabián, since it is urgent to rejuvenate the white medullary. Apparently, the idea of ​​​​Madrid would be not to go beyond the 30 million euros (1,350,000 for Betis), while Napoli would require fifty (2,250,000 in the direction of La Palmera), with the option of finding an agreement in the middle term, which would ensure other 1.8 kilos for the Verdiblancos, who have already fully taken the 30 of the left-handed clause, renouncing the other two parts to the distribution of commissions and certain amounts included in the player’s contract. Furthermore, in a lawsuit later, FIFA agreed with the Sevillians, who demanded almost 1.9 more in training rights and the aforementioned solidarity mechanismfinally awarding him 1.2, plus 5% for late payments. If it could not be refished, at least its sale would leave fat benefits in the Betic coffers, with the only bad news that, having rushed so much from the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, the amount of the transfer will no longer be so high.