Celta Juvenil eliminates Granada and qualifies for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey

The Youth Celtic has qualified for the semifinals of the Copa del Rey after beating Granada in A Madroa. those of Claudius Giraldez They knew how to turn around a bad start in which the Nasrid team took the lead. Damian Rodriguezfrom the penalty spot David from the church, Jesus Ares and Martin Count they scored the goals for the light blue box to eliminate a tough Granada team that ended up giving in to the great second half of the Vigo team. A resounding 4-1 that places the Celestes among the four best teams in Spain in the category with Real Betis, Real Madrid and Espanyol.

The Granada Juvenil came out much better than the synthetic from A Madroa. The Nasrid side pressed up front, preventing Claudio Giráldez’s men from crossing the midfield line and forcing Celta to play on their field. César Fernández prevented Granada from getting ahead with his saves. He couldn’t help the goal with which Joshua Farrell He put his team ahead in the 8th minute of the match. Celta was not comfortable in the game and it was difficult for them to find the usual freshness that they display in the Division of Honor.

As the minutes passed, the locals found their best football, especially Aitor Mañas. The sky-blue striker caused a clear penalty in the 11th minute. Damián Rodríguez was in charge of leveling from eleven meters with a tight shot to the left post by Rafa, the Nasrid goalkeeper. With the tie at one goal, Celta Juvenil regained confidence. He began to dominate the match and Ares had the opportunity to overtake the Celestials.

GarmentWith a tie at one goal, the end of a disputed first half was reached in which the Juvenile went from less to more but in which they barely managed to clearly reach the Andalusian goal. The lack of opportunities in the first 45 minutes changed radically in the second half. As soon as the continuation started, Celta Juvenil turned the scoreboard around through David de la Iglesia with a cross shot.

The Juvenil sentences the match

Yoel Lago, Damián Rodríguez and Ares celebrate a goal (Photo: RC Celta).

In the 51st minute, Martín Conde, with a long ride down the left wing, had the 3-1 in his boots but his shot went slightly wide, touching the far post. Celta Juvenil, far superior to Granada in the second half, channeled their place in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey with a goal from Jesús Ares. The winger defined to perfection in the one-on-one against Rafa in the 61st minute. In the box, with the entire staff of the Olívico club headed by Carlos Mouriño, they enjoyed the best Juvenile in the history of the club.

So did a crowded stands of A Madroa. Juvenil had managed to turn the tie around, ruling the field and preventing Granada from getting close to the goal defended by César Fernández. A timid shot by Chiqui broke the monotony with which they faced the final stretch of some quarters that Celta Juvenil had channeled. Granada’s second coach was sent off by the referee just before Claudio Giráldez’s men were about to score the fourth after a great collective move that Lucas Antañón could not finish in 76′.

Celta Juvenil did not regret it. In the 78th minute he sealed the tie with a goal from Martín Conde. The left-back crowned his great match with a deserved goal with which the tie was closed. The sky-blue will know their rival in the draw for the Copa del Rey semifinals in which Real Betis, Real Madrid and Espanyol are their possible rivals.

The analysis of Claudio Giráldez, Youth coach

We are here so that the players reach the First Division. Meanwhile, if we can enjoy the journey, that will make the boys improve”, declared the coach. “Hopefully we can win a title, something important for the club and next year if we are in the Youth League, it is welcome”, he dreamed.