Champions League: Mbapp: “It’s a difficult time, the Champions League is a great goal and we failed”

kylian mbapp He expressed himself on his social networks after the elimination of PSG in the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabu. He did it by accompanying the text of a photo celebrating his goal and sending a message of optimism for the rest of the season.

“It is a difficult time. The Champions League was a big goalbut we failed. The season is not over and no matter what happens we will be together and determined until the last game of the season. Many thanks to all the fans who support us and who were with us on the trip.”

The French striker left very touched it’s gray after the defeat. Mbapp, like all of PSG, has the Champions League between his eyebrows and he saw how a new opportunity slipped away. On this occasion, in addition, he felt that he had signed a brilliant tie and that the team had not accompanied him, hence his frustration and his anger.

Unlike the first leg of the match where he did give statements, this time he left the stadium without making statements. He also did not want his words to be misunderstood. regarding his future, which was logically going to come out in the interviews.

mbpp He has preferred to speak after arriving in Paris and assimilate the defeat a little more. Now he only has Ligue 1 left and announce what he is going to do with his future, which clearly points to Madrid. Although at all times he has assured himself that this tie was not going to mark his decision, I know that it seems clear that this elimination against Real Madrid pushes him a little more towards Santiago Bernabu.

Finished the tie, all the signals that Mbapp sends paint in white. Your entrance to the fieldlooking at the ceiling, enjoying what could be his future home, the applause he received from the Real Madrid fans, the love his family received, the conversation with Benzema at the end of the match… Mbapp left defeated, hurt, but looking to the future with optimism. Future that seems to clearly pass through the capital of Spain.

*Photo: Reuters


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