Córdoba CF gets tangled up in the Montijo tangle

At this stage of the course, it is already evident that the matches against Córdoba CF mean for most of the residents of group 4 of the Second RFEF an event of paramount importance: economically -everyone is just in the quarterfinals and trying to squeeze their subscribers with the typical “club day”- and in sports, because although the blanquiverdes are in an unattainable orbit, the The simple fact of facing them serves to homologate a job and perhaps win a renewal or an improvement of the contract. And let’s not say scratching him a point and even beating him, although for that the direct collaboration of the potential champion is needed. If you are wrong, the opponent may have a silver lining. Córdoba did not play a good game in Montijobut the key error was in signaling a penalty for the locals for a Ball hit Javi Flores in the face. There came the equalizer and the marker did not move anymore. The tie seemed more sweet for the people of Badajoz, due to the unexpected, and in the final stretch they left their skins to defend it against a Córdoba that could not find a way to break the trap hatched by John Marrero. The local coach, with the right men -he made only one change-, got everything possible from a group that did not stop running. They made their football and Córdoba theirs. Then, between the field -bad and worse for those of Crespo- and arbitrationwith a penalty that was not, they ended up charging the blanquiverdes a bill they can afford to pay. The rise is only a matter of time.

Against the most impenetrable team at home -only six goals conceded-, Crespo changed the drawing to place two points. The man from Granada threw everything to bring down a Montijo who, like everyone else, was ultra-motivated. They left from the start Willy Ledesma and Antonio Casasan illustrious veteran in the Extremaduran community and a young talent who is signing the best course of his life. Two profiles for one goal. Neither scored nor did they have such clear chances as on other days. You had to fish in a rough sea and it was very complex. Simo and Puga were on the wings, with two high-ranking midfielders -Javi Flores and Álex Bernal- and, behind, a defense with Gudelj as a left-back, José Ruiz returning to the right and Visus as a central defender. antidote to the predictable aerial game of the premises.

The staging was intense, with sticky markings and quite a few inaccuracies by both teams. Córdoba sought more touch, it’s their thing, but Montijo worked hard to hinder the movement of the ball in every possible way. The wind and the synthetic floor did not favor the delicacies either.. After Manchón made the first shot between the sticks, Crespo’s team gave a rush. At twelve minutes, in a corner kick, the ball fell to Gudelj and the Serbian was unable to connect the header well. Álex Bernal decided on individual action and hit a shot from a distance that forced Sergio Tienza to make a brilliant intervention.

The Montijanos demanded a penalty for the hand of Álex Bernal at the stroke of half an hour and Manchón deliberately headed a center from the right by Barragán. Carlos Marín made a worthwhile save. Córdoba was looking for the formula to get out of the jam and found it through insistence. Carlos Puga and Antonio Casas They struggled to control a ball in the Montijana area, they combined and the Rambleño ended up taking it to the bottom line to put a center in the area so that Simo, who arrived in the race, played to score the 0-1. Samir Amar’s whistle coincided with a storm of insults from the stands, which felt aggrieved by various refereeing decisions.

Simo Bouzaidi celebrates Córdoba’s 0-1 at the Emilio Macarro de Montijo. LOF

A local gale and a penalty that was not

A closed center by Barragán that Carlos Marín saved was the first testimony of Montijo’s desire to recover his pulse in the game after the break. That the hosts were going to attack was something that could be foreseen. There is no greater incentive than having nothing to lose. Those of Juan Marrero continued with a tremendous physical display, demanding the concentration of Cordoba that Germán Crespo had claimed the day before. Because the game was exactly on the stage that the Granada coach had predicted. The rojillos went with everything, brave and crazy, with their usual weapons. Córdoba had to resist.

The Brazilian Joel had it very clear in the 57th minuteafter a movement by Manchón that misled the Córdoba defense; his shot, unopposed, sent it over the crossbar. Córdoba had a really bad time. At minute 60, Samir Amar awarded a penalty in a controversial action, in which the referee saw Javi Flores’ hand after a corner, although the captain ended up lying on the grass because the ball shot by Javi Chino had really hit him in the face. Dani Segovia beat Marín skillfully and unleashed delirium on Emilio Macarrowhich was already a boiler.

Crespo resorted to Adrian Fuentes to give a different dimension to a Córdoba that was stuck. Of the Caves and Luismi they entered shortly after to reply to a launched Montijo. A header from Gudelj after a corner kick encouraged Córdoba and their supporters, who shouted a goal when Adrián Fuentes headed a ball that hit the crossbar and bounced on the line, although the play was invalidated for offside. Antonio Casas, after a formidable control, launched a whiplash that ended up on the side of the net. Opportunities fell due to tenacity, in the midst of an environment of widespread lack of control. The Cordoba the game ended in the Montijo area with a shot of Everyone that was lost in a tangle of legs. There was everything.

Data sheet

1 – Montijo: Sergio Sergio Tienza, Gabri, Javi Chino, Molina, Razvan, Rodao, Calin, Barragán, Joel Salvi, Manchón and Dani Segovia.

Substitutions: José Ángel for Calín (88′),

1 – Cordoba CF: Carlos Marín, José Ruiz, Ricardo Visus, José Cruz, Dragisa Gudelj, Carlos Puga, Álex Bernal, Javi Flores, Simo, Casas and Willy.

Substitutions: Adrián Fuentes for Carlos Puga (65′), De las Cuevas for Simo (70′), Luismi for Willy (70′), Julio Iglesias for Álex Bernal (88′).

Goals: 0-1 (43′) Simon. 1-1 (61′) Dani Segovia, from a penalty.

Referee: Samir Amar Ahmed (Melillense Committee).

Cards: Yellow card for Ratzvan (31′), Dani Segovia (45′) and Samu Manchón (90′) for Montijo and for Simo (45′), Javi Flores (75′) and José Cruz (80′) for Córdoba CF. Red to the physical trainer of Córdoba CF, Álex Prieto (61′).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-seventh day of the League in group 4 of the Second RFEF, played at the Emilio Macarro Stadium before some 1,000 spectators.