Dani Ceballos and Betis: lost credit and hard work that already pays off

When his return is closer than ever, he has built and solidified the necessary bridges for his redemption before board and fans

His departure in 2017, already with Ángel Haro as president and José Miguel López Catalán as Villaverdero’s right-hand man, chose the noble floor of Benito Villamarín. For anyone, Real Madrid knocking on your door tends to be nothing short of irrefutable. And something similar happened with Dani Ceballos, tempted by Barcelona and other important clubs in Europe after his good seasons at Real Betis. The attempts of Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, then sports director, and a Quique Setién who had just landed on the Heliopolitan bench to convince him were in vain. He had already made the decision to leave: the meringues would pay his termination clause, estimated at 15 million euros, although with favorable amounts for him, his family and his agency.

As a result of this operation, completed reluctantly by the Verdiblancos rectors, the La Palmera club changed the standard contract of the youth players who made the leap to the first team, shielding them with double if they wanted to exercise the unilateral goodbye, a procedure by which Fabián spent months later willingly to leave 30 million in cash before going to Naples. The comparison with the palatial and the forms hurt the figure of Dani, who became little less than ‘persona non grata’ for a large sector of the fans. Allusions to his ostracism in the capital of Spain and his food ‘hobby’ while he remained on the bench, whistles and chants every time he returned home (increased, despite the fact that he apologized, when he scored the white winning goal by 1- 2 on 18/19) and an avalanche of ‘haters’ on social networks accompanied the silence from the offices of what was his home.

However, the return to Betis was always hovering over the figure of Ceballos, who has spent many years demonstrating his love for the colors green and white to locals and strangers alike. Endless winks, unambiguous statements and very direct hints that have made a dent in the shrinking sector of the fans who continued to feel resentment towards him. Under 21 European Championship champion, Olympic runner-up, a Champions League, an English Cup, a Spanish Super Cup, the Club World Cup… The midfielder has been adding to his resume, it is true that sometimes as a secondary protagonist, but he has not lost seeing his desire to return home. Last summer, everything seemed tied and well tied, as evidenced by the statements after the market closed, after a small-mouth denial, by Antonio Cordón and the heliopolitan president, who dropped that the paths of both parties would cross again “Sooner than later”.

Then, the absence of chips (nobody wanted to leave) and salary margin, together with the priority of hiring his friend Bellerín due to Sabaly’s serious injury, frustrated a landing that could not be in January for similar reasons. The verbal agreement with Dani to lower his record and for Real Madrid to accept a low-cost transfer (no more than the 15 kilos that marks its market value) or a transfer with an obligation to buy is still on the table. Qualifying for Champions would help because of the extra income (there will already be with the Super Cup), although, for now, the Verdiblanca sports management has paralyzed the signing of Álex Fernández, agreed at zero cost, until knowing what will happen with Guido Rodríguez, William Carvalho and Paul. And also with the player from Utrera, ‘pardoned’ by almost seven out of ten participants in the survey proposed by ‘www.estadiodeportivo.com’: 68% prefer him over the still player from Cádiz, who collects 32% support. Dani’s credit is coming back.