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Deportivo Independiente Medellín equaled 1-1 with Deportivo Pereira with 10 players and several controversial moves by the central referee Nicolás Gallo, to whom Julio Comesaña made some strong statements at a press conference.

“Several dates ago, in a match with La Equidad in Bogotá and I very respectfully apologized to all those who were present, that I was not going to talk about soccer, because I could not put arbitration aside. They fined me 5 million pesos, I don’t know what I did wrong, who I disrespected and what I refused. I said what was happening because I was not in a position”, indicated the Uruguayan strategist.

In addition, “today I am going to talk about football and the arbitration of Mr. (Nicolás) Gallo, with the respect that he deserves and with his career and everything he wants. Mr. Gallo left us out last year in the championship, he annulled a goal against (Juan Pablo) Gallego who only annulled it yesterday, and in this match he stopped calling a very clear penalty like the one by (Andrés Cadavid), check it out so that you see and throw (Juan David) Mosquera in an unusual play, he jumps and from behind, he does not see the player and like any soccer player they teach him that he must jump with his arms open to protect himself, he jumped and the player from Pereira stuck with him. I don’t know what it is about, we all make mistakes, but I didn’t like Mr. Gallo’s refereeing today, or in the game in Medellín. That’s what I have to talk about refereeing.”

Regarding the variants of the match, Comesaña explained that “we had to do something to get ourselves together, we put Juan Guillermo Arboleda as a third central defender and with José Hernández Chávez we put four midfielders, so that with Andrés Ricaurte he could handle the ball, lower the revolutions and we managed it , Germán Gutiérrez appeared on the left, until Luciano Pons scored the tie. José had a task to do and that’s why I decided to change him to play Juan Manuel Cuesta who is a more powerful player, we had a feeling of pain to win, but we couldn’t lose the point we were getting either”.

Regarding the work of Andrés Ricaurte and Luciano Pons, who entered and changed the face of the team, in addition to achieving the equalizing goal, Julio indicated that “Andrés (Ricaurte) had a hard time grabbing the game, but he ran and fought, because the team cannot play for a player, but work for the team. He was an example of how he got into the game and despite a few delivery mistakes, he was valuable on the job. Luciano (Pons) is the scorer, he scored the tie, he put the defense in trouble. He leaves us happy because he is healthy, we only have Vladimir (Hernández) left on the outside”.

Regarding the accompaniment of the red fans, at the Hernán Ramírez Villegas stadium, Comesaña expressed that “the Medellín fans generate that drive, that courage in the players and Medellín is playing with their legs, with their mind and with their heart. I’m happy because we’re having a job, we don’t give in to adversity, we don’t do things that damage the show, we have a team that continues to build and I hope it achieves important achievements”.

The strategist praised the work of his rival. “Pereira is a respectful team, well armed, aware of its limitations and virtues. They are orderly and look for offensive possibilities. I must admit the draw against a great team, in terms of football it was good, it was a nice game, congratulate them for playing a good game”.

Finally, he spoke about the team’s planning thinking about the next match against Envigado Fútbol Club, for date 14 of the I-2022 League at Atanasio. “We have a long week, we will rest on Sunday and Monday, on Tuesday we will be working, organizing the homework.

week for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, friday is short work. It will be optimization work, thinking about what we can improve, with the ability of the players, there are things we still need to improve, choose it in the best way and look for another good result”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8