investigation into City and six games with Real Madrid attentive

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Erling Haland He counts the days to be able to decide his future and make his decision public. Borussia Dortmund’s star striker will leave the Bundesliga and begin a new stage in another competition. Real Madrid and manchester city are their two possible destinations. But the answer will not be known until next April.

The environment of the striker, including that of Borussia Dortmund, set that month as the key moment. It will be with the season about to end and without so much sporting pressure when Haaland explains what his decision is. Continue on the German square is not shuffled, so the options are to go to the Premier League.

In addition, in recent days another of the future options has been ruled out, which was the Barca. It has been President Laporta himself who has removed his club from the fight for Haaland. A scenario that greatly simplifies the battle for the Norwegian and that concentrates the efforts in Manchester and Madrid.

The English club is the one with the highest offer to convince Haaland. Real Madrid will try to get closer to those figures, but for this it is key to achieve the exit of eden danger. This movement is still stuck, so it is the Dortmund star who has to make the effort by giving up the amounts proposed by the citizen.

Ahead, the Norwegian player has six games between teams and teams between March and April. During those six dates, all the spotlights will be on his figure waiting to see if he gives some kind of clue or statement about your future. The striker will also have the opportunity to see how his suitors play it out in Europe and, as if that were not enough, he will find out if City can go ahead with his transfer plan.

Haaland’s calendar

The player has already played his first match of the national team break with Norway. He has done it in a big way, as he scored one of his country’s two goals against Slovenia. But this match will be added to the next one against Armenia on the 29th and to the five that he will play during April with the Borussia Dortmund.

The German team will face Leipzig, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Bayern or Bochum until April 30. Duels in which his team, second in the Bundesliga six points off the lead, is at stake a lot. They will be opportunities to reaffirm his professionalism, but also to show off for his next signing.

City Investigation

The English team may be affected by the wave of sanctions against Russian oligarchs. Despite the fact that it is Chelsea that will change owners due to the links of roman abramovich With Vladimir Putin, the negotiations and meetings of the leadership of the citizens can also lead to problems. For the time being, the British government has put its magnifying glass on relations between sheikh mansurclub owner, and the Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad.

Al-Assad is one of Putin’s allies and in United Kingdom It has not been good for the City owner to show off his friendship at the moment. From the executive the meeting is analyzed and, given the situation, it would be necessary to see how it reacts against Mansour. In addition, organizations such as Human Rights have demanded that the same measures be applied as with Abramovich against the club-states led by leaders who do not respect Human Rights.

Progress on the case will be seen in the coming weeks. Also how Mansour’s situation affects City. And, therefore, Erling Haaland will have the opportunity to observe the activities beyond the sports field that the English team has.

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