RACING- SD LOGROÑÉS Day to review the wardrobe

The extraordinary streak that Racing has accumulated since they lost for the last time on December 5, ten wins and three draws, does not depend on a single player…, but when Pablo Torre is missing, you have to be careful with this type of affirmations. The one from Soto de la Marina, who is concentrated with the U-19, is so good and generates so much for his teammates that his absence will condition Racing’s way of attacking. What’s more, Tears in the hamstrings of Manu Justo, Arturo and Camus, all attacking players, greatly limit the offensive rotation of Guillermo Fernández Romo, who has the habit of changing all his attacking players in every game. Good day to see the depth of the racinguista wardrobe.

So fair in numbers does Racing arrive until a duel, that Romo has had no choice but to call up two players who have been doing very well at Rayo Cantabria, but who had never been called up by the first team, midfielder Diego Campo and winger Izan Yurrieta. In this last case, a born winger, from Colindres and, like Pablo Torre and Yeray, from the fifth in 2003, had not even trained until today under Romo’s orders, but who has been recruited upon confirmation of the injury by Marcus Camus.

Izan Yurrieta has entered the list once Marco Camus’ withdrawal has been confirmed.

During the first part of the week, racinguismo debated whether Borja Domínguez should be the midfielder, as has been customary every time Pablo Torre has not played, or whether the coach would bet on the freshness and impudence of Yeray Cabanzón. The debate was closed by Romo on Friday: the Galician will play, with which the second unit of the three-quarter line will be made up of three youth squads born in the 21st century, Diego Campo, from 2001, Yeray and Izan, from 2003.

SD Logroñés arrives in Santander with the season almost done, safe from relegation, but too far from the playoff positions, and with the illusion of being the first team to achieve victory as a visitor at El Sardinero. Except for Paredes, who suffered a blow to the nose, and Asier Córdoba, who suffered a knee injury, the rest of Raúl Llona’s players are in perfect condition.

Shield/Flag SD Logroñés

The match will be played simultaneously with the duel between Celta B and Depor in Balaídos, therefore, data consumption is going to be notable in El Sardinero while the Verdiblanca parish consults the soccer results applications. Depending on what happens in these two games, the league can be sentenced in Group I or become unsuitable for heart patients, as the classic would say.

(Upper photo: Yeray Cabanzón, leaving one of the rooms of the Residence of the racing quarry in La Albericia, decorated with a large photograph of El Sardinero)

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CAREERS: Parera; Unai Medina, Bobadilla, Pol Moreno, Satrústegui; Tienza, Inigo; Soko, Borja Domínguez, Bustos; and Cedric. SUBSTITUTES: Lucas Díaz (ps), Mantilla, Isma López, Javi Vázquez, Sergio Marcos, Diego Campo, Yeray, Izan and Harper.

SD LOGROÑES: Jero Lario; Cubero, Cesar Caneda, Xiker, Llacer; Albisua, Arnedo, Javito; Calderón, Soberón and Sandoval. SUBSTITUTES: Vidal (ps), Pelayo, Deiby, Paredes, Emilio, Zarrabeitia, El Haddadi, Diego Esteban and Jon Ander.

REFEREE: David Recio Moreno, from the Navarre committee.

STADIUM: The sardine.

Racing didn’t manage to score against SD Logroñés in Las Gaunas until Manu Justo did it in 86′.