Real Zaragoza: Ivan’s merits

He scored again against Amorebieta coming off the bench Ivan Azona custom already in recent times, with the goals scored against Sporting, Almería and Fuenlabrada, all with the role of substitute, without JIM giving him a starting shirt that he has undoubtedly earned. The numbers say it, the five goals, with which he scored in the defeat against Leganés, this one as a starter, in the last six games he has played, since he had no presence against Las Palmas, where his average is brutal, since he has marked them every 48 minutesin 238.

And the sensations ratify it, the impression that now his level is well above his competitors in the position, Álvaro Giménez and Sabin Merino, the most direct, but also Juanjo Narváez, now injured, or Nano Mesa, recently recovered of his umpteenth muscle discomfort. He is the fittest attacker in the Royal Saragossa. Long also.

Iván Azón catches the ball after scoring against Leganés in Butarque. CARLOS GIL-ROIG

“Azón clearly deserves to start,” JIM assured on Friday at a press conference after the clash against ‘Amore’, just after the striker’s success saved Zaragoza from the blush of falling at home against a team in decline and almost evicted in their battle to avoid going down to First RFEF. The coach was clear in his words and it would seem that against Tenerife, because of how he said it and his arguments, he will give in and Azón will have a place in the eleven. But, in any case, that has not happened in recent weeks, where the striker’s goals have collaborated in 10 points, in the victories against Sporting, with another goal at the buzzer as against Amorebieta, Almería, to close the victory, and Fuenlabrada, to open the way to reaction, in addition to the target against the Basque team.

The fact is that, despite his indisputable numbers, JIM, who already had a hard time last year giving him the starting role in a team without a goal, does not give him the starting shirt. The coach likes the revulsive role of the striker, his indisputable commitment, knowing that his performance will be the same playing 10 as 90 minutes, regardless of the fact that Azón andHe is the player in the squad with the greatest ability to repeat efforts in sprints of the highest quality and speed. That and his ability to fight against defenses already tired as the minutes go by make him the ideal replacement that the coach sees in him.

Iván Azón after scoring the goal that equalized against Fuenlabrada, the start of the comeback. ANGEL DE CASTRO

However, his numbers are to be in the eleventh and, when a striker is on a roll, pure logic only invites him to play from the start. Much more if his fellow attackers are not. «I am for everything, anyone likes to play as much as possible and obviously I would like to do it more, but it is the decision of the coachr. It only remains to continue working so that hopefully more goals will come and above all victories », he argued on Friday after scoring that fifth goal. In the last seven games, he did not play against Las Palmas and did not score in the 25 minutes that JIM gave him in Cartagena. In the rest of the games he has seen the door. In total, since he made the jump to the first team he has accumulated 9 official goals, 8 in the League and one in the Cup and only against Castellón last year and in Butarque against Leganés in the current one he did them as a starter. The rest, up to seven, from the bench, a record of goals as a substitute that is now only surpassed in Zaragoza history by Ewerthon, with 11, and Yordi, with 24

Top 15

The striker from Zaragoza has accumulated 941 minutes in the League this season, in 28 games, with only 9 starting. Score, therefore, every 188 minutes, a higher ratio than the rest of the squad, especially that of the forwards, to the competition. Álvaro, the team’s top scorer along with Azón, has needed 1,806 minutes to score the same goals (every 361, that is, almost double), while Nano Mesa scores every 492 minutes (2 goals) and Narváez’s two have arrived with a frequency of 949 minutes. Sabin Merino, who arrived in the winter market, has not yet been released in 450. The difference is more than clear.

Azón celebrates with Lluís López the sentence against Almería with his second goal. JAIME GALINDO

The distance in the success is also notorious. Azón adds his goals in 24 shots, Álvaro has three more shot attempts, Sabin Merino, in his seven games, one more than the youth squad and Narváez leaves at 45. Azón scores every 4.8 shots, an average that is only equaled by Vada and his four goals.

He scores every 188 minutes, but those 5 goals he has scored in his last six games have been scored every 48

If the gaze extends to the entire Second Division, Iván’s merits are reinforced. Only thirteen players among those who have five or more goals have a better ratio of minutes for both. And among them are the seven top scorers, Stuani (Girona), Borja Bastón (Oviedo), Stoichkov (Eibar), Rubén Castro (Cartagena), Sadiq (Almería), Weissman (Valladolid) and Yuri (Ponferradina).

Only five players in the category have scored more goals than Azón in this second round of the championship: seven signed by Sadiq and up to six left by Borja Bastón, Christian Herrera, Karrikaburu and Dauda

Also noteworthy is the effectiveness of Nahuel Bustos, who with 1,187 minutes has scored 9 goals, or the eight of Cristian Herrera (Ibiza) with 1,405. Only two more players, apart from Azón himself, have not needed to exceed 1,000 league minutes to reach 5 goals or more: Pejiñoinjured since November and who did them in 694 minutes in Las Palmas, and Dyego Sousathat he only needed in Almería 387 to make that goal repoker. WhileOnly five players in the category have scored more goals than Azón in this second round of the championship: Sadiq signs seven and up to six leave Borja Bastón, Christian Herrera, Karrikaburu (Sanse) and Dauda (Cartagena), for the 5 of the striker from Zaragoza of unquestionable merits.