Revolution with overload in Real Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza, in no man’s land in the League, without problems with relegation and eight points from promotion when there are 30 to play for, It will live through frantic months with the institutional changes and in the project that will mean the arrival of the investment group led by the Mas brothers, Jorge and José. Raúl Sanllehí must appoint a new sports director and there will also be a new member on the bench for a notorious change in the locker room, a revolution that has an overload at its starting point, because up to 32 players can have a contract on June 30 with Real Zaragoza.

The new sports director

Miguel Torrecilla and Juan Ignacio Martínez have a contract, in principle and except for a notable change, until June. Sanllehí has ​​not made any decision about the sports director, and therefore about the coach, and he will do so once he disembarks, but the continuity of Torrecilla and, consequently, that of Jim. Not to say impossible. With the new technical secretary and with Sanllehí as CEO and executive general director, it will be necessary to put together a workforce with a greater salary margin and in which the new executive He has already knocked on a preliminary and only informative basis at some door, such as that of Barcelonahouse where he was from 2003 to 2008 in Marketing and then until 2017 as head of Football, in an initial talk revealed by ‘Sport’ and which aims to have continuity in the coming months and probable results with assignments.

The three assignments with end

Borja Sainz (Alavés), Nano Mesa and Álvaro Giménez (Cádiz) finish their assignments at Zaragoza on June 30, the latter with a mandatory purchase option in the event of a promotion, a distant hypothesis. None of the three, except for surprise, has a chance to continue. In 2023, meanwhile, up to 17 players will end their contract. Many of them will already come out this summer.

In 2023, Cristian, Ratón, Vigaray, Gámez, Jair, Lluís López, Lasure, Zapater, Vada, Petrovic and Narváez finish, in addition to those who return from assignments, Ros, Larra, Marc Aguado, Bikoro, Vuckic and James

Cristian Álvarez, Ratón, Vigaray, blank for now this season due to his knee injury, Lasure, Zapater, Fran Gámez, Jair, Lluís López, Vada, Petrovic and Narváez are those of the current squad. Lluís López has one more optional year and Fran Gámez does play 50 games between this season and next, a goal that he has in hand. The case of Vada is more peculiarsigned until 2023 with an automatic extension for another year that the player has the option to unilaterally break. Juanjo Narváez, a player who has lowered his price but with a cartel, is transfer meat this summer if he does not renew, although nothing has yet been offered for it.

In addition, with a contract they must return from their assignments Larraof good course in the Amorebieta, Javier Roswho has recovered sensations in the azulón club since January, Marc Aguadoof a stupendous level in Andorra, Bikorothat has had a place in the Hercules, Vuckic and, already in December, james igbekeme. Well, the case of the last two is special. Rijeka has a purchase option with Vuckic, who has recovered tone in the Croatian League, and, if he does not execute it, there is a tacit agreement to terminate the remaining year on his return. And something similar would happen with James, who has only played 30 minutes in the first 4 MLS games with the Columbus Crew, where he is on loan until the end of this year. The two more than probably will not wear the Zaragoza elastic again.

Francho, Francés, with offers to renew, Nieto, Chavarría, Bermejo, Azón and Eugeni finish in 2024 and also those who return from loan, Buyla, Baselga and Clemente

In 2024 the contract ends Alexander French and Franco Serrano, both listed and with a cartel, especially the central one and the two with an offer of renewal and improvement very far from the agreement for now, Grandson, Chavarria, who already had exit options last summer, Bermejo, Iván Azón and the newcomer Eugeni. In addition, they must return from their assignments Mark Baselgaof irregular protagonism in Zamora, Jannyck Buylaon which the Nástic has a mandatory purchase option in case of promotion to Second and that has had minutes in Catalan lands, and Henry Clementindisputable at the Sanse since his arrival in January. The purchase option for the center-back is zero euros and in the event that the Real subsidiary remains in the Second Division, it is certain that he will continue there. If they go down, no decision has been made, although their continuity at Anoeta is likely.

Sabin Merino and Grau finish in 2025, Carbonell and Azón will return from their first-team dynamic assignments and Puche may have a contract soon for games played or this summer

In addition, in 2025 they end Sabin Merino and Jaume Grauboth signed in January, while Luis Carbonell and goalkeeper Carlos Azón They will return from their loans to Madrid and Tarazona in the dynamics of the first team. The forward, one of the jewels of the quarry, went to the ‘Factory’ with a purchase option of 1.5 million that the white club is not going to execute. He hasn’t even made his Castilla debut and has played very intermittently in the youth team. Carbonell will return after renewing in August for four seasons. Subtract the case of Miguel Puche, now usual for JIM. If he plays four more games as a starter (he has one) or more than 45 minutes, he will sign a contract with the first team and if he does not, it is more than feasible that he will be made that link in the summer, although Torrecilla has not yet made any proposal in that sense to the footballer.