Second RFEF Group 1: results, matches and classification of matchday 27

Matches and results of Group 1, Second RFEF

Leganés B 1 – Llanera 0

Leganes B: Sergio Valero; Rubio, Cerrato (Samed 80′), Ofoli Quaye, Lalo, Joserra; Aymane, Caio Lopes (Rentero 66′), Álex (Camacho 66′); Luis Forcen (Borona 60′), Diego.

plainsman: Mapisa; Crespo, Pape Assane, Espinar, Otia (Tena 83′), Ceinos (Matías 60′); Keita, Viti, Omar Sampedro (Martín 60′); Romaric, Javi Sanchez.

Goals: 1-0 (39′): Alex.

Referee: I took Alonso (Gran Canaria). Yellow to Sergio Valero, Luis Forcén, Joserra, Aymane; Espinar and Otia.

Incidents: Butarque Sports Facility. About 270 spectators.

A penalty scored by Omar Sampedro, after a clear knockdown of Viti, and an excellent shot by captain Álex from the edge of the area led the pepineros side to a direct duel for permanence, between a Leganés B run down and a Llanera that does not offer the same performance away from home as in Pepe Quimarán. Crespo was able to equalize, but the post repelled his center shot shortly before the break. The Llanerense team will continue in relegation places and see how a direct rival puts three more points away, in addition to the particular goal average.

Palencia Cristo Atletico 1 – Arenteiro 1

Palencia AC: Guiller; Silva, Abel, Gallego (Rafa 70′), Sellés (Morante 91′); Javier Bueno; Álvaro (Manu 75′), Diego, Edu; Adrian, Frodo.

Arenteiro: Diego Garcia; Eimil, Ger, Pol Bueso, Joseca (Joni 90′); Cross, Casio; Renan; Raúl Blanco (Sylla 73′), Naveira; Sober (Portela 80′).

Goals: 0-1 (2′): Casio. 1-1 (94′): Manuel.

Referee: Álvarez Ordóñez (Asturian). Yellow card to Álvaro, Frodo, Diego, Adri, Javi Bueno; Sylla, Naveira, and Diego Garcia.

Incidents: New ballast. About 500 spectators.

Everything that happened in Nueva Balastera can be summed up in the beginning and the end. Cassio soon overtook an Arenteiro who continues to be the great revelation of the second round, with the permission of his ‘countrymen’ Coruxo and Bergantiños. Palencia Cristo Atlético, which has spent many weeks without knowing very well whether to look up or down, desperately sought a draw, but crashed against the rocky wall raised by Fran Justo. When it seemed that the three points were going to fly to O Carballiño, certifying the fourth victory in a row for the Ourenses, Manu appeared to, at the last breath, rescue a point for ‘Cristo’, who remains one point ahead and, in addition, with the goal average won after 1-2 in the first round.

Bergantiños 0 vs Marino Luanco 0

Brigs: Santi Canedo; Brais Martinez, Chapu Brunet, Hugo, Yelco; uzal; Boedo (Martín Lamelas 67′), Remeseiro, Cano (Cristiano 81′); Carlos Lopez (Blas 67′), Escobar.

Marine: Buru; Borja, Morilla, Guaya (Iván Fernández 24′), Dailos, Julio Delgado (Adolfo 81′); Nacho Matador, Alberto Lora, Guille Pinín (César Suárez 81′); Diego Díaz (Sergio Ríos 71′), Steven (Luis Morán 71′).

Referee: Martinez Campillo (Balearic). Yellow card to Carlos López, Remeseiro; Guaya and Nacho Matador.

Incidents: The Eiroas. About 400 spectators.

Goalless draw between a Bergantiños who has not seen the door for two games after the binge in Palencia and a Marino who continues to scratch point by point in pursuit of his goal of salvation. The meeting was physical and tactical and had hardly any football, rhythm, or chances. The Luanquinos closed all the access roads to Buru, allowing only a couple of not too clear chances for Lemos, who dominated, but without lucidity or depth. Of course, whatever happens on Sunday, they will continue in promotion positions.

Ceares – Real Avilés (Sunday at 12:00)

Móstoles URJC – Gimnástica Segoviana (Sunday at 12:00)

Salamanca UDS – Navalcarnero (Sunday at 5:00 p.m.)

UP Langreo – Arosa (Sunday at 5:00 p.m.)

Compostela – Coruxo (Sunday at 5:00 p.m.)

Pontevedra – Union Adarve (Sunday at 7:00 p.m.)

Next day of Group 1, Second RFEF

Real Avilés – Salamanca UDS (Saturday at 5:00 p.m.)

UP Langreo – Palencia Cristo Atlético (Saturday at 18:00)

Unión Adarve – Compostela (Sunday at 11:00)

Arosa – Ceares (Sunday at 12:00)

Gimnástica Segoviana – Leganés B (Sunday at 5:00 p.m.)

Navalcarnero – Pontevedra (Sunday at 5:00 p.m.)

Llanera – Bergantiños (Sunday at 6:00 p.m.)

Marino de Luanco – Arenteiro (Sunday at 6:00 p.m.)

Coruxo – Móstoles URJC (Sunday at 7:00 p.m.)