The DNA of Brentford and Brighton

Analysis of today’s sports newspaper covers

Good morning friends. Know that last night the Spanish soccer team played a friendly match, supposedly in preparation for the World Cup (yes, the one in Qatar, you know). Know that this match ended with the result of 2 goals to 1 for La Roja, Spanish goals scored by Ferran Torres and, almost in the discount, by Dani Olmo, this one in a curvilinear shot of beautiful invoice. Know that the meeting took place in Barcelona, ​​more specifically in the Espanyol stadium and that all the chronicles agree that the atmosphere in favor of the national team was remarkable and full of revelry, denoting a kind of return to the lost home that has more than do with the always unedifying political issues than with mere soccer (if soccer could be mere soccer).

Also know that the goalkeeper of the Spanish team was David Raya, a player trained in the Unió Esportiva Cornellà who now defends the sticks of Brentford FC Let’s clarify that the goalkeeper who aimed to start last night was Robert Sánchez, also a Premier League player, specifically Brighton & Hove Albion FC, but had to leave the team’s training camp for personal reasons, forcing Luis Enrique to urgently summon another goalkeeper and why not the Barça B goalkeeper, Arnau Tenas, who was called up with the Sub- twenty-one.

Know, finally, that we have had to resort to Wikipedia to inform us of what was said in the previous paragraph, either because our knowledge of football is limited, or because we recognize that Luis Enrique makes it difficult for us, but not at all because we doubt that the goals of the undoubtedly illustrious Brentford, Brighton and Barça B are covered with full guarantees of success for the Spanish National Team.

In what has been said so far, the sports front pages of this Sunday of time change, spring through, which is another way of saying Madridismo, seem to be exhausted. Here are the graphic proofs of this depletion.

Ported as 03-27-22Sports World Cover 03-27-22

Then this portaanalysis could end here, so little that our usual suspects give of themselves today, but perhaps there is just one nuance by the work and grace of Sport that deserves to be commented, even slightly, even above, even as someone he doesn’t want the thing, lest this, let’s say, laconicism that this game of La Roja leaves us is not more or less justified, beyond Albania, beyond the friendly character and, above all, beyond Brentford, Brighton and Barca B.

Cover Sports 03-27-22

The cover of Sport is for Ferran Torres, “the Blaugrana crack”, it says on it. Ferran is “plugged in”, it is also said, because “he signs a spectacular start to the year with six goals and five assists”. Above the gloss delivered to the culé striker, the call to an opinion/propaganda article appears on the left that reads as follows: Barça’s DNA returns to the national team.

The thing speaks for itself once more. The thing is that it seems that the Spanish National Team is more of a National Team (and perhaps less Spanish) when the yardstick to measure its successes is put by Barcelona, ​​when that of DNA -pure self-interested and fallacious essentialism, like all essentialisms- is identified with a team that represents (or should represent) all Spanish football fans, and even non-fans. It happens then that Ferran’s success with the National Team (born in Foyos, Valencia) is brokered by the intellectuality culé as if it were a success of his beloved club. It happens then that the game of La Roja is qualified as good only when it responds to the canons dogmatically imposed from the catacombs of La Masía. And it happens then that it is not that the propaganda that they call a story wins, but that stupidity, myopia and sectarianism win, thereby losing precisely the Selection due to disinterest on the part of their fans, who feel that they usurp with DNA what they should be a shared culture. Brentford and Brighton do not deserve such partiality.

Have a nice day.