The film ‘Full of Grace’ revives the beautiful story between a nun and former Málaga CF player Valdo

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There are only a few hours left of the festival. Mud accumulates on the terrace of the Málaga Palacio. Hotel workers mingle with the cast of full of grace, the second film he directs Roberto Bueso. carmen machiin pristine red and with colored heels beige dodge hoses and puddles to avoid getting dirty. “Occupational hazards”he jokes

happy to present full of grace, who participates out of competition in the official section of this twenty-fifth edition, and for being in Malaga. “See if I’m having a good time, I’ve even seen it rain mud”laughed Machi, who was hopeful to see the sun, the one that stars in the festival poster and that gives our coast its name, but that we have seen little during the last week.

Of being the devil’s mom in 30 coinsnow Machi plays a nun who keeps a very special story based on real events. The story for an afternoon in December 2004. Mallorca and Osasuna played a game at the Son Moix stadium. In the 32nd minute, a footballer named Valdo scored a goal and the Osasuna kit shirt was lifted to show another shirt with a message: “Thank you, sister Marina”.

Carmen and Dayron in the movie.

full of grace

A psychologist and writer named Inma Puig was watching the match, and she began to investigate the meaning of that message. Finally, she found out that Valdo, who had no family, was raised by a nun named Marina. Since he was little, the nun accompanied him in his dream of being a footballer. He came to play for Real Madrid and went through the ranks of Málaga CF.

“It has been very nice to interpret her because she is a wonderful woman, with arms to take and with something special. She is educated and very wise. We have known all this thanks to his family, with her few can hold a conversation because he is very old”Machi tells this newspaper.

At the school Marina arrives at in the summer of 1994, El Parral, there are other nuns like Angelines, who is played by Paula Usero. Angelines is a sister who works in the downtown library, sweet, tender, vulnerable, but, above all, innocent. “Maybe too much”acknowledges Usero.

Thus, he believes that in the times we live in, rather than learning from Angelines, letting life surprise us with innocence, we must be more empathetic and take everything more calmly. “We don’t allow ourselves to be free and be happy. It would be cool to get infected with that aroma of Angelines and their illusion and tranquility, living life in a calmer way and with more purity.“, he expresses.

In El Parral, almost a dozen children have to spend the summer with the nuns because they have no family to go with. They do not make things easy for the nuns by doing a lot of pranks that also had a place as actors. Shooting with children was a real challenge for everyone.

“I was looking forward to working with the kids again. They have magic. Those eyes in front of a camera for the first time, it’s magic. It was from them that my character had to get infected. They have fattened up Angelines,” says Usero, who remembers his childhood and is moved.

The young actress suffered bullying as a child precisely because of the desire she had for the world of audiovisual culture. “These children are in their pre-adolescence and they are living something precious. Someone is fulfilling a dream,” she says.

Thus, he emphasizes one of the key messages of the film: “Children spend many hours at school, they must be listened to and teachers must be with a thousand eyesespecially now that so many suicides due to bullying are heard. This movie talks about how to teach and how to give them the best opportunity for their lives.”

Chiapella, a failed coach

For his part, Pablo Chiapella, who plays a school worker for whom everything in life is going wrong, takes off his hat with the director of the film, Roberto Bueso. “He didn’t cry out in the whole movie. He kept calm the whole time and was phenomenal with the kids. You have to tame them, they’re in a turmoil”he says admiringly.

Chiapella studied to be a teacher of Physical educationbut his character tries to train the kids and ends up resigning after a loss in his first match. “I had to untrainpeople don’t believe it. I had to quit because I love sports,” says the actor, known for his role as Amador in The one that is coming

Despite this, Pablo is not much of a football fan. In fact, he acknowledges that “football brings her to the hoof”. “I am from Barcelona at the time of Johan Cruyff and because my father was from Madrid, but I don’t care a bit. It is true that football unites us, but it also makes us a bit silly with the issue of ultras and pitched battles. It’s unnecessary,” he acknowledges.

Chiapella’s character endears himself among so much misfortune thanks to his sense of humor, which he tries to maintain as best he can. “In my life, humor is my engine. I like to make people laugh, but I’m also very good at laughing“, he confesses.

The profession makes him laugh, but he recognizes that the world of acting is something very sacrificed “if it goes well or if it goes badly”. “the one that is coming it is impossible to combine. I can’t shoot during the week and do theaters on weekends. I have a girl and I want to see her grow up“, he declares.

The search for the children

The film’s casting team saw 2,000 children from Valencian schools until they managed to get the cast of boys that make up the film, which will be released next summer. The only one who had experience before was Dairon-Tallonwho plays Valdo. “Eva and Yolanda were in charge of searching the castin for these eleven little diamonds that are the miracle of the movie. Without them we could not be in Malaga today”, declares Bueso.

“I already have my Sight ready for tonight,” jokes Dairon, who is experiencing his first contact with the media and with festivals and he is “eager to have a new project”. During filming, he had the opportunity to meet Valdo, a person who seemed “very nice and funny.” “We took a picture and it was really cool, I really liked it,” he adds.

When Dairon saw the movie for the first time, it was something he will never forget. Along with all his companions, they sat in the same row to enjoy. “And let’s talk, because they were somewhat thugs”laughs Bueso, who accompanies his little star in his interviews.

The director made the message clear to the kids. “Be as you are with your friends in your day to day. You do not have to act as such or invent anything. be yourselves“, he told them. And they have succeeded, because whoever sees the film notices that authenticity overflows in abundance. “They captured it very quickly,” clarifies Bueso.

Dairon’s mother’s eyes shine seeing how her little one responds decisively in each of the interviews, she prefers to remain in the background, proud, smiling. She lacks hands to carry coats and bags, but she does not miss the opportunity to photograph a day as special as this one at the Malaga Festival for the memory. Surely it is neither his last interview nor his last film. It will make people talk and they will return to Malaga soon. Sure.