The middle of the problem

The Royal Saragossa confirmed against Amorebieta that the reaction with four consecutive victories that was cut short in Cartagena It was a mirage and that his trajectory is again as erratic as in most of this season with too many things to forget. That Zaragoza takeoff was based on a medullary with more energy than at any time during the course, with Francho’s legs and class, with the display and positional ability of Jaume Grau, author in addition to two goals, and with Eugeni taking advantage of the work of both. The heart of the Valencian and the hamstring of the youth squad played a trick on this Zaragoza, which has also suffered the absence of a Bermejo who was trading on the rise after a January at the starting gate.

Over there, for those three absences that Eugeni is noticing so much, almost disappeared against Amorebieta, where Petrovic could not play either, is one of the clearest explanations, almost crystalline, of the fall from Zaragoza to say goodbye to any illusion of the promotion that that plenary session at 12 allowed us to glimpse. Jim He put what he had before ‘Amore’, Zapater, Vada and Eugeni himself and the experiment, as expected, did not work. The medullary only supported the team in the initial sections of both periods, but later it was full of deficiencies and with a clear lack of oxygen.

The freshness in the spinal cord was vital in the second half and JIM did not bet on Vaquero or Isaiah

JIM, in any case, did not contemplate the possibility of looking for freshness in the subsidiary, in Isaiah and Vaquero, summoned only to watch the game on the bench, and Zaragoza became weaker as the minutes went by, with Zapater unable to cover all the leaks and with a clear lack of bellows while Vada made too much war on his own and did not provide the expected solutions. Eugeni, for whom physical gasoline lasts an hour at most, although less if he does not have the deployment of two good squires in the middle, he tiptoed out of the game and JIM only resorted to the double side with Nieto and Chavarría and leaving ‘ Zapa’ ya Vada in the wide zone until the end of the fight.

Changes in January

The spinal cord was the center of operations in January. Ros, Adrián, Eguaras and James left and Jaume Grau and Valderrama arrived. CWith fewer players in the middle, Zaragoza gave the impression of having more resources. And it was confirmed on the lawnwith those two successes in the reinforcements in that area, because it is already known that Torrecilla does not have much sense with the forwards. He didn’t have it with Sabin Merino either, until 2025 in his relationship. At least for now.

The engine room was different and Zaragoza noticed it for the better. Francho was injured before the duel against Fuenlabrada, which Zaragoza took out with Grau’s tachycardia that meant he underwent surgery. The two have not been neither against Cartagena nor against Amorebieta. Just like Bermejo. And Zaragoza misses them. A lot, too. Grau, in the best of cases, will be in the last games and Francho may be able to return against Tenerife, which would be excellent news, as well as the recovery of Bermejo and also the return of Petrovic, although the Serbian is much more Guadianesco in his contribution.

Without the deployment of Grau and Francho’s legs, the version of Eugeni has also been greatly reduced

But, along the way, Zaragoza has already squandered any hope of promotion, now eight points behind although with the whole day to play and nine appointments on the way later. He has sent them to limbo with a defeat in Cartagena and a draw at the buzzer against an Amorebieta in decline and almost evicted. It is clear that the medium has been the center of the problem for JIM and he has not found a solution.