VCF Mestalla comes back and touches the rise with the hands (2-1), video of the goal

VCF Mestalla has suffered a lot in the most important game of the season. At stake the championship and virtual promotion for the Valencianists while for Atlético Saguntino it was getting closer to the leader. All for all in a duel of the highest intensity in an Antonio Puchades completely packed with fans of Valencia CF and the red club. The best entry of the year without a doubt.

They have won an incredibly important victory (2-1) in the battle for the RFEF Third Group VI championship against Atlético Saguntino with an anthological comeback and all made in the second half. Some from Alberto Marí and another from Pablo Gozálbez have led VCF Mestalla to the championship and virtual promotion. Six days to sentence the promotion of category.

Pablo Gozálbez scored the winning goal (Photo: Valencia CF)

The meeting started with little football. A lot of respect between the first two classified of the competition. In fact, bad luck wanted to take hold against the rojillo club since Borja Mir had to leave injured in the early stages of the duel. Striker Esteve entered in his place. All this because of so much intensity from Atlético Saguntino. He wanted to go out with absolutely everything from the beginning and made life difficult for VCF Mestalla.

Halfway through the first half, the ‘che’ team managed to get rid of the pressure and began to make themselves known on the Puchades pitch. He insisted with notable runs on both sides of the bands but with little success when it came to finding clear scoring chances. The most dangerous was a header from Mario Musy very devious. Contrary to what was mentioned, in the isolated offensive actions that the Saguntino had managed to get ahead. César Tárrega caused a penalty on Escudero and Ferran Giner put his team ahead. This in a very controversial action by the Valencianists.

Very little endured with the same eleven Miguel Ángel Angulo. The Valencian coach made a couple of adjustments introducing Alberto Marí and Javi Guerra after having exceeded the tenth minute of the second half. The coach tried to find something different to find an immediate reaction and although it took time, it ended up working.

Likewise, it cost Valencia CF a lot. He was unable to generate clear scoring chances until he arrived. Angulo’s changes paid off and Alberto Marí sent the tie to the bottom of the net after an action by Pablo Golzálbez. The draw tasted glorious while for Atlético Saguntino it was insufficient. That is why VCF Mestalla immediately got rid of the 1-2 in a very clear goal play from a corner kick.

The last ten minutes of the game were a total siege. The red team looked for the tie. He didn’t want to know anything more about the ball and with four minutes remaining he made a serious mistake: a penalty on Pablo Gozálbez. How could it be otherwise, the magician scored the second and they went completely crazy. Antonio Puchades screeched with great force a bit that meant the virtual championship and caressing with his fingers the promotion to the RFEF Second Division.


VCF Mestalla: Charlie; Rubén Iranzo, César Tárrega, Facu González, David Ruiz; Adri Gómez, Pedro Aleman (Javi Guerra, m. 55); Fran Pérez (Hugo González, m. 77) Pablo Gozálbez, Diego López (Bashiru, m. 84) and Mario Musy (Alberto Marí, m. 55).

Atletico Saguntino: Company; Luis Navarro, Enrique, Escudero (Valverde, m. 45), Kike Torrent; Gilabert (Cobo, m. 90), Tárrega (Ximo Forner, m. 78), De Los Santos, Ferran Giner; Borja Mir (Esteve, m. 12 (Park, m. 78)) and Miñaro.

Gorges: 0-1, m. 45: Ferran Giner; 1-1, m. 64: Alberto Mari.

Referee: Borja Guijarro Colomer booked Charly, Pedro Alemañ, Rubén Iranzo, Fran Pérez from VCF Mestalla and Tárrega, Luis Navarro from Atlético Saguntino.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-second day of group VI of the Third RFEF, played between VCF Mestalla and Atlético Saguntino at the Antonio Puchades of the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna.