A spontaneous ties himself to the post with a cable tie around his neck in a Premier League match

In the 50th minute of the match, football was stopped at Goodison Park. A fan jumped onto the pitch during the match that Everton and Newcastle were playing this Thursday, ran to the nearest goal and tied himself to one of the posts with a bridle around his neck, forcing the game to stop. The spontaneous wore an orange T-shirt with the message “Just Stop Oil” (just leave the oil), the name of a platform that seeks governments to stop expanding the consumption of oil and gas.

The stadium workers and some members of security came to untie the young man with shears and remove him from the field of play. Due to his irruption and the difficulty in removing him from the pitch —he refused to leave Goodison Park and lay down on the field—, up to 14 minutes added at the end of regulation time were included, which were key to the future of the match. Alex Iwobi scored Everton’s lone winning goal in the 99th minute (1-0), giving the Liverpool side a three-point margin from the relegation zone.

The 21-year-old posted a video on social networks in which he expanded the reasons for his protest, once the meeting was over. “I am about to interrupt a football game and I am terrified, but I think that as many people as possible should know what the future may hold,” he justified.

A mechanical engineering student, the spontaneous alleged that the massive production of oil and gas was greatly affecting the climate to the point that some countries are already too hot to live in. He mentioned the covid crisis and the Ukraine war as two examples of what the future will look like. “I want my government to do everything it can to stop this situation, but what it does is expand oil and gas, complicating things,” the fan denounced, recalling that the International Energy Agency recommended not to produce or market more fossil fuels. “We cannot continue as before and have a secure future,” he concluded.

This protest comes the same week that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil-producing countries, to discuss “energy, regional security and international diplomacy.” It should be remembered that Everton’s rival for this Thursday’s duel was the Newcastle, owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

minute 99

Frank Lampard was injured celebrating the winning goal

Alex Iwobi’s goal in the 99th minute was cathartic for Everton’s interests. The candies they were level on points with Watford, the team that marks the start of the relegation zone, but, with this victory, they were able to take a breath of fresh air and take a slight lead. The local coach, Frank Lampard, celebrated the goal with such effusiveness that he even hurt himself.

Frank Lampard celebrates Iwobi’s goal in added time

LEE SMITH / Reuters

“I think I broke a bone in my hand. After the goal, I noticed that it was moving a bit and that the area was a bit sore, but look, after the three points, I’m not going to complain,” said the former soccer player.