Adrià Pedrosa, the player who has won the most minutes this season

To a large extent, the template he has Vincent Moreno It is continuous with respect to last season in Second. After the promotion there were no significant casualties, although there have been some signings from this past summer that have gained prominence in the team. However, the bulk of the workforce that was already there last year has continued in First. There are a total of 20 players who repeat this campaign under the command of Vincent Moreno compared to the previous one. Naturally, some have maintained the leading role they already had in Secondothers have seen it increase with more minutes on the green and some have lost weight in the team with the change in category. Next, we analyze how these 20 players have evolved from one season to another.

In general, it could be said that a large part of the backbone of the team remains, and its participation has even increased slightly. A paradigmatic case is that of Sergio Darderwhat if in Second he played 80.5% of the minutes in the league, this season he reached 89%. The reason is not so much that he has missed fewer games, but that when he has played he has played for longer and without being substituted as often. He has also seen his presence increase Thomas Raul in more than ten points, from 80 to 91%. However, in your case you have to take into account that at the end of the season in Second He was absent for COVID-19 some games. If not, she would be in similar figures in both seasons.

To date, the player who has played the most minutes has been Leandro Cabrerathat only one match has been lost (against the Betis at RCDE Stadium) and who has managed to snatch the position of most used footballer from Diego Lopezgo down before him Elche and that he missed a few minutes in the last two days. Uruguayan and Galician have played 96 and 94% of the playing time in the league, respectively, and the increase of more than ten points by ‘Lele’ stands out compared to the year in the Second Division, when there were more moments of alternation in the rear axis.

These four footballers repeat, to date and compared to last year, among the five most used. The one who has sneaked into that Top-5 this time is Adrian Pedrosaindisputable on the left side. If last year he played 70% of the minutes, now he adds almost 91. One falls from those first five places Adrian Embarba that has lost prominence in recent months, but that accumulates two thirds of the minutes played at the moment this season.

There are two players who have also seen their presence increase in the Spanish this season compared to the course in Second and that stand out for their lack of previous experience in the highest category. They are nude keidi and Oscar Gil. It is true that the Albanian was out for several days at the beginning of 2020-21, but this course he has also missed some games due to injury and as the days have passed he has become a fixture for Vincent Moreno. He has played 48% of the minutes, but if he continues this dynamic, the percentage will increase. The case of the man from Elche is even more remarkable, since despite having missed several days due to injury this year, he has gone from 54 to 57% of the time played. The fight for ownership last season with Miguelon contrasts with a current situation in which Gil he has become the owner of the right side. The situation of handful is similar to that of the former Elchesince they have played more or less the same and have gone through an injury, but the youth squad was already more consolidated than Gil last year and decrease in percentage.

And on the other side of the scale, where the players who have lost the most playing time are found, we find – in addition to those mentioned Embarba and handful– a key man in previous seasons like David Lopezwhich goes from almost 80% of the minutes last year to 20 now. lime -which seems to gain importance-, Merida OR didachus are other players who have experienced significant declines, as well as In the eyes, who played a lot after his arrival in Second. They also go down melamed, Melendo OR wu leialthough in these cases, they do so more moderately.