Burnley vs. Manchester United – Match Report – February 8, 2022

(EFE).- The elimination of Manchester United from the English Cup last Friday was not a simple accident, which repeated this Tuesday in the ‘Premier League’ against the last in the classification, Burnley, whose determination in the second half and some intervention by his goalkeeper Pickford put him at the level of Ralf Rangnick’s team (1-1), displaced from fourth place and the Champions League zone.

15 days before facing Atlético de Madrid in the round of 16 of the highest European competition, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, whose coach dispensed with the starting eleven and to whom he resorted unsuccessfully for the final 20 minutes with 1-1 on the scoreboard, it transmits alarm signals, confirmed in Burnley. In the disappointment in the Cup he missed a lot of occasions; This Tuesday was more insistence than anything else… against the last one.

Because the Burnley that equaled United has only won one game of the 20 they have played this season in the English league. He has only achieved 14 of the 60 points for which he has competed, although now he has chained three draws, with the merit of the last against a rival as superior as the Manchester block, which is losing ground in the table, but also credit , no matter how much he tried to win, no matter how much he finally overwhelmed his opponent.

United did not win, although they took it seriously, beyond the fact that last Friday’s 120 minutes against Boro invited Ralf Rangnick to dose Cristiano Ronaldo, who was granted rest with the substitution. He chose Edinson Cavani for eleven. In his study of the rival, he made visible the importance of the second play, of the pressure, of the delivery of an attacker like the Uruguayan, who is also a scorer, although he is still thinking about a failed shot one meter from the goal line. goal, already 0-1 in favor of his team, in the first half.

United was already in charge then because of Paul Pogba’s goal. In his second consecutive game since his return from the injury he suffered in November, the French center midfielder announced his return with a 0-1 lead in the 18th minute. give even more dimension to the play on the left between Jadon Sancho and Luke Shaw, one of the best of the first half.

Earlier, in the 12th minute, Varane had a goal disallowed. Maguire’s offside position would not have led to such a decision by referee Mike Dean (he went to the television review on the same ground) had it not been for the fact that he got in the way and collided with Jay Rodríguez, when the phenomenal center of Bruno Fernandes was already flying by above the area towards the French central defender’s header. Later, there was another goal invalidated to United.

But Ralf Rangnick’s team also suffers from lapses, as does Atlético de Madrid, their rival in the knockout stages of the Champions League. Even the last in the league was able to discover it, resurfacing from the locker room with all the conviction that he hadn’t had in the previous 45 minutes. In 120 seconds he created two chances. The second was a goal, with an overflowing maneuver by Weghorst that culminated in Jay Rodríguez (1-1, m. 47).

Cristiano Ronaldo was already warming up on the flank, who watched the magnificent save with which David de Gea remedied Burnley’s threat and who entered the pitch for the final 20 minutes, when Pickford and the local resistance completed United’s frustration (1 -1).