Chelsea would become the most expensive club in history

The chelsea It will be the most expensive club in history. Not even the 950 million that the Glazers paid for the manchester unitednor the 330 that Saudi Arabia disbursed a few months ago for the Newcastle United will be close to the 3 thousand 300 million that the set of stamford bridge when your sale is completed in the next few weeks. It remains only to solve the puzzle of who will put the money.

the despair of roman abramovich to sell the club, due to pressure and sanctions from the British Government and the European Union, pointed out that the price of the chelsea it would be devalued and sold below its real price. Nothing is further from reality. The club received up to 300 offers, of which 20 or 30 came to formalize that interest. Now the huntin’Blues‘ has been reduced much more.

Abramovich estimated a sale price of around 3 billion pounds (3.3 billion euros) and he can get it, although his interest is not so much monetary, since he will not receive a euro from the transaction, but rather the club stay in good hands.

If the Russian oligarch hits his price target, the chelsea It will break all records. Not only will it overtake Manchester United as the most expensive club sold in history, but it will also overtake the American franchises, which had the Brooklyn Nets as the diamond of operations. Taiwanese businessman Joseph Tsai took over 51% of the franchise in August 2019 for about 2.5 billion pounds (3 billion euros). That figure will be left behind when Chelsea changes hands.

Although the situation of the ‘Blues’ has relaxed in recent days, with permission to sell tickets for away games and home games when the Champions League, FA Cup and Women’s Super League are played, in addition After raising the spending limit for home games to 900,000 pounds (1 million euros), the sale of the club remains a top priority.

The offer period closed on March 18 and in recent days, the favorites have presented their projects until the Raine Group, the American bank that Abramovich trusted to sell the club, has selected the best offers. The three strongest come from the United States.

London club crest

The owners of the Chicago Cubs, the Ricketts family, are one of the main candidates. Or at least they were. His cover letter, having ended the curse of 108 years without winning a World Series and the remodeling of the Cubs stadium. Your problem? The greater interest in business than in sporting success and Islamophobic comments from family patriarch Joe Ricketts, who in 2019 emails targeted Muslims as “the enemy.” This turned the networks against the Ricketts project and forced the family to distance themselves from Joe’s comments and fly to London to try to meet with groups of ‘Blues’ fans who took a dim view of the proposal. This episode has weakened the Ricketts’ options.

Without leaving the United States, Todd Boehly, who owns part of the Los Angeles Dodgers in baseball and the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Sparks in basketball, the Swiss Hasjorg Wyss and Jonathan Goldstein joined. A triumvirate of millionaires with ties to the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom who are doubted for their sporting abilities and that is that Boehly, the most closely related to the sport, only has minority interests in the three mentioned franchises and, apparently, little decision power. His forte is ‘marketing’ and the commercial aspect.

The other strong candidacy is that of Martin Broughton, a British millionaire who was briefly president of Liverpool and British Airways, and who has aligned himself with Sebastian Coe, president of the British Olympic Committee, with Josh Harris and David Blitzer, owners of the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA and the New Jersey Devils of the NHL, in addition to the owner of the Sacramento Kings, Vivek Ranadive. Both Harris and Blitzer have stakes in Crystal Palace, which they would have to get rid of if they wanted to be the owners of Chelsea, since the Premier’s regulations do not allow having interests in two clubs at the same time.