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Sometimes there are no more times. This Tuesday, for the Colombian National Team, is one of those times… And, as an aggravating circumstance of the maximum situation, their luck is not only dependent on their effort or their effectiveness or their performance. The play-off safe in the tie is a trikey urn that will open by turning to one side and the other in a combination of results in Puerto Ordaz, Lima and, perhaps, Santiago. Hard. No self-deception, as coach Reinaldo Rueda realistically said last Wednesday, on the eve of Colombia beating Bolivia’s substitution.

But, also, magical realism is daily bread in this land of yellow butterflies in which, paraphrasing García Márquez in an abusive and daring way, the Colombia National Team goes through the desert of solitude, in its deep and profound silences without memories, waiting for an irreparable wind I raised her between the sheets of the tie and promoted her to the playoffs as Remedios, the beauty, rose to heaven.

And it goes without memories, because it is worthless to complain about the sadness of having been fourth in the tie until just two games ago and the pain of not being anymore.

The lost points of Queiroz and Rueda

It is grossly obvious that any of the points lost by this team throughout the tie, against Uruguay or Ecuador, when Carlos Queiroz was on the technical bench, or against Bolivia in La Paz, Paraguay or Ecuador itself, at home , with Reinaldo Rueda as coach, would have prevented Colombia today from barely grasping the edge of the deep precipice of elimination with the tips of the fingers of one hand.

And it is better not to remember the terrible 0-1 defeat against Peru in Barranquilla, which is the game in which he has the National Team. It is as simple as knowing that if they had maintained that ‘miserable’ tie, Colombia would have one more point today (21) and Peru, two less (19).

The repeated lament is no longer worth anything, and it only serves to torture the soul to remember Borja’s unheard-of mistake when a miracle fell from the sky in a ball and he alone, without a mark, at 5.50, less than two meters from the goal , came out with a rhyme, with an amateur pastry to the goalkeeper’s body.

This Tuesday, then, Colombia faces its destiny and Venezuela, the worst team in South America, last in the table, as it was last, also, in the last tie, with the obligation to beat it to help luck with Díaz, James , Ospina, Borja, Quintero, Uribe…

Wheel Attack Statement

Colombia selection

The Colombian National Team clings to the miracle of going for the playoff after its victory against Bolivia.


Vanexa Romero / TIME

As victory is an inescapable urgency, the declaration of attack seems to be the obvious slogan of the team from the lineup and tactics, as it happened on Thursday against Bolivia.

However, as has already happened against Peru (torture returns to the soul!), it is so urgent and so important to maintain security at the back door so that there is no lethal assault, like that of ‘Orejas’ Pérez, that he stole the victory, in Barranquilla: they took it away, they took it away; They took her away, she’s already lost! And what for Colombia was a nice classification, very big and heavy, now they want to change it for a light go to the playoffs.

As Venezuela is local and will put more headlines than the Bolivia of substitutes and almost youth that lost in Barranquilla, is the team that wins (and that scored goals!) not changed? The answer was given by coach Reinaldo Rueda himself yesterday: “The idea is to make the least number of changes possible to consolidate the work and training of the players who were starters and maintain the same disposition,” he said.

Thus, there is only one fixed change: Cuadrado, who left the concentration and left due to the accumulation of warnings, since two yellow cards in different games are punished with an automatic impediment date.

Is it necessary to repeat with a single brand steering wheel? If this happens, should Cuéllar be that only brand midfielder? Or better Cuéllar with Uribe? Neighborhoods with Cuéllar?
Cuellar with Lerma? That was not told by the technical director…

This time there are no more times. That is the harsh reality. Therefore, the hope is that the charm of magical realism appears so that the lineage of The Colombian National Team is not condemned to four years of solitude and has a second chance on earth: the playoff against Qatar.



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