Colombia National Team today press conference Reinaldo Rueda prior to match against Venezuela | Colombia selection


The Colombian team plays it on the last day of the Qualifiers, hoping to achieve the quota for the playoffs, after knowing how the path was defined, with the four quotas already assured.

The tricolor will go against Venezuela, to define their options, leaving everything in the 90 minutes, after the recent results. Follow here LIVE, the press conference of the Colombian team, under the command of Reinaldo Rueda.

Replacement of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado and communication of other results: we need a training, we have been working on two alternatives. Whether Barrios or Uribe, Lerma himself. We have alternatives to form the team in this game.

We must concentrate on what is ours, shield ourselves from secondary results, which will determine our next step. It is not convenient to be worried, as a coaching staff, in communication or informing them. Not good, players need to focus.

Change in midfield: the option is that, with a line of three, with Cuellar and James and Cuadrado advanced. We have tried in training to put a line of two or three. Today we will do the theoretical work, to see the best alternative.

Continuity of the list that won against Bolivia:
undoubtedly, given the good behavior of the vast majority, both starters and substitutes. It is to consolidate those behaviors, aware that it is another game, other conditions and rival. Where possible, make as few changes as possible. Everything will go through the arrangement. Take advantage of what has been gained, making the corresponding adjustments.

Change of format of the Playoffs: It has been a problem in South America. I have said it before, with all the potential, the talents, we are completing 20 years of not having a world champion, as a result of that situation. The great talents go to Europe, it costs them a lot. There they compete in different conditions, here the geographical issue. FIFA takes it into account, remove flight miles, number of travel days.

European clubs complain about injuries, because of what happens in Conmebol competitions. It is a problem that South America has been a victim of in the last 20 years, which has led to not having a world champion here.

Fabra and the complement for Luis Díaz, owned by James and Quintero:
we want to consolidate the payroll, they are in the recovery process, plus the training requirement. Hopefully we have availability for the case of Fabra, James and Juanfer, who spent a few minutes together. We hope that for the next game we will have the alternative, we have to see how the recovery process goes.

Quintero had a small concussion, nothing delicate. We hope to have both without problem.

State of mind of the players and the atmosphere in Venezuela: They have been difficult games, intense. For the evolution of Venezuelan soccer. They have played excellent games against Colombia, everything that Páez and Dudamel sowed in youth. That enjoys the selection today. Apart from the growth of the hobby there.

It’s up to us to do our part, to get a good result and for the other games to take place. The important thing is the conviction we have, to play a very intense game.

It is a high tension game, because of their fans. Now, for the trajectory of its directors, as in the case of Pékerman. For us it will be an evaluation, to know what we have to be in a World Cup. They will demand the maximum from us, with all the component of hostility and support from Venezuela. It will be a difficult exam.

Pékerman’s legacy to Colombian football: Without words, we all know about his career, what he did, the junior and senior world championships with Argentina. What brought us here, the World Cups. He has brought a very important legacy to football, in these generations that achieved the classifications. Always respect and admiration, before arriving in Colombia.

Situation of depending on the result in Lima: All the games are very demanding, more so at the national team level. For what it means to us as a coaching staff. We reached an instance that we would not have wanted, not only because of the external results, but our own. They are hours of anxiety, emotional charge, knowing how to assimilate them. We have to get the best out of ourselves to be able to guide the team, playing an intelligent game.

No one wants to get into a situation like this, which means depending on others. Before we had other alternatives, every day they have been reduced. We got here where we depend on three results, we have to do our thing. Release all this with character, trajectory and rebellion. Knowing if we have a selection that can make a difference on the visit, that gives us the possibility of continuing on the road.

We want to go to the World Cup, it’s time to get this game off the ground. I told you, it’s like a group stage, it’s an evaluation that football makes us. If we have the mettle, character, we will pass and if not, it will be a shame. It is given that the selection has the arguments, we have had irregularities, that is why we are in this instance.

Maintain the intensity of attack that was raised against Bolivia: You have to play an intelligent game, it’s not just talk, it’s very easy like that. We want to find the party, also what they will let us do. That we can have that offensive aggressiveness, figure out the game. We know about the order, everything that Venezuela has, the men who were, more than 50% who were not against Argentina and will be against us.

The party will tell us our reality, if we are prepared. The intensity will only be seen in the game. You have to be smart, the volume and intensity will depend on what we see of them in the field.

Opinion of Venezuela and quiet ball work: It has been a duel of rivalry, in all categories. They are difficult games, so it represents the shared history, the neighborhood. It has special ingredients that you have to assimilate, concentrate on the game. All the factors are part of a classic, of living with intensity, but that already on the field of play are the players.

We must have alternatives, it is not easy. Repetitions are worked on it. Ideally, we take advantage of everyone’s potential to unbalance the game in a situation.

Management during the game in the face of adversity: everything depends on the reading of us and players. Against Bolivia, we had projected a behavior, it had a different one. The goal came at the right time, that released all that burden, for not achieving the result. It was a different Bolivia, with intensity, that gave us the fight and intensity until the end.

Contain Salomón Rondón: Venezuela has a great group, with the new order, they have recovered that scorer. He is a man with that vocation, you have to be smart, not only with him, but with the assistants. A lot of intensity and concentration in the defensive phase.