Cordón insists that the paths of Betis and Ceballos “will cross sooner or later”

Antonio Cordonsports director of Real Betishas insisted this Monday that “sooner or later the paths of the Betis and Ceballos will intersect”, and has also referred to the continuity of Joaquin and willian josephRecovery of William Carvalho or the talent of Luis EnriqueBrazilian winger that the Verdiblanco club has signed, as confirmed days ago by the president of the fluminenseamong many other matters.

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“Sooner or later the paths of Betis and Ceballos will cross. That is doomed. Sooner or later, yes”, he said Antonio Cordon during a chat in Radius Brandin which he has also referred to the possible continuity of Joaquín, who will turn 41 in July. “Today he was training and it was a rest day for the squad. As the years go by, the body doesn’t stay the same. This really shows the commitment and desire. It looks good and I think he is seeing that the club is growing, it has a spectacular atmosphere, that he has found a spectacular group and technical staff and I think he doesn’t want to miss out on all this. In other years he has suffered a little more and now that we are in full swing he wants to contribute his grain of sand”.

The recovery of William Carvalho

From the continuity of William Carvalhowhose contract ends in 2023, indicated the following: “With William Carvalho, the main job we had was to get him back. It has been a very important part of everyone. Getting us to see what he is capable of. He has a year and a half left and he is playing with the national team, he is contributing to us and we return to the same thing. I prefer to sell one player for a lot of money rather than four, because it costs you a lot to replace four and they give you performance. It is easier to replace one than four. Sports directors do not sell players, your player has to like the other team”.

He also spoke of the future of willian joseph: “We have to sit down at the end of the season depending on how we are and decide all the parties. I think we are in good harmony. The player is very comfortable in Seville. We are getting him to give important competitiveness. Let’s see what happens. There is a good predisposition”. Something similar he said he of Bethlehem: “We are not negotiating with Arsenal yet, nor have we talked about the future. We have to wait to see how the season ends.”

“Luiz Henrique? He has very good conditions”

The young Brazilian winger Luis Enrique is signed by him Real Betiseven though Cord He did not want to confirm it: “In Brazil we control many players. He is a great player, he has very good conditions and out of respect for where we are currently, the current squad, to talk about future players, I prefer to wait for the summer window. This player , what I have seen of him, is fast, fast, technical, young, with a future, he has a very good shot with the ball and is interesting for many teams in Europe”.

“Betis has to sell”

Cord did not hide that Betis he must make a sale to balance his accounts: “Betis has to sell. That has to be done. The president has said it. But the sale is not important, but that Betis continues to grow in structure, in way of being, philosophy and creates through a method and identity. The market is not moving yet. The clubs are waiting to see how the season ends. Until we finish and the puzzle is adjusted, it will not move”.

Cord said that since his arrival only 3.5 million euros have been spent – on the transfer of Pezzella– in the arrival of twelve players: “In a sports management you have to adapt to the circumstances of the club and you have to be prepared with a range of possibilities. In the three windows that we have between loaned players and from the quarry, twelve players have entered and we have spent 3.5 million euros. That is what we have. We have to look at the result of what we have today in the club, which is a team. They all go to death, a great group and the club’s idea is that it continues to grow in mentality, forms, philosophy, values… It is what really marks the path for you”.