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Royston Ricky Drenthe arrived at Real Murcia, with the sign of former Real Madrid player and after doing a good job at Racing Murcia. In his debut with the Second RFEF team, he was received with a thunderous ovation. After a month and a half, that illusion has turned into massive anger and there are many fans who point to him as one of those responsible for the bad moment of the team. Or, rather, they do not pay the frustration with him, but with the sports management that has led the club to have the Dutchman in the team.

It all started when Agustín Ramos, president of Real Murcia and who managed Racing de Murcia at the time they signed Drenthe, was interested in signing him for the legendary club, now in the Second RFEF. He succeeded, despite the fact that some doubted his physical condition to compete at the highest level. The president justified it in this way: “I have felt uncomfortable with all the disrespect and contempt that have been thrown towards Mr. Drenthe. I was the one who proposed it, he has passed more medical tests than a Real Madrid footballer. He is not my son and before signing him I had barely spoken to him. I only knew that this team lacked a goal and that’s why I proposed it.”

The truth is that the public ignored the criticism leveled at the attacker and welcomed him with open arms. In the absence of confirming his high level on the pitch, they gave him an opportunity. He hasn’t started yet and he’s a residual player. Against La Nucía, in the defeat this past weekend, it was his game with the most minutes: 25. He played six against El Ejido, was not called up against Atlético Levante, did not play a single second against Socuéllamos and jumped onto field 13 against Mar Menor, Alzira and Pulpileño. He still hasn’t added any goals or assists. Nor a special incidence in the game. Some fans point out that he has a few extra kilos and that his importance in the team’s performance is null.

The defeat against La Nucía at home was transcendental. With her, Murcia is fifth, in the last place to access the Playoff and with Eldense hot on their heels. Both add 44 points. The main problem is that direct promotion has become a utopia: it is nine away, with La Nucía and Intercity tied. This Real Murcia was expected, at least, to fight for that first place that gives a place in the First RFEF. To this day, two consecutive losses and the discontinuity in the game makes it even doubtful that the team will get a place in the postseason.

But, Why is Drenthe at the epicenter of criticism? In the last hours, La 7 Deportes has reported that Mario Simón, the team’s coach, is on the tightrope and could be dismissed if he does not get a good result against Eldense, a direct rival. It is then that some fans refer to the lack of gunpowder in attack, generated in large part because the effort to sign a man with a goal was made with Drenthe and not with another footballer profile. In addition, the coach did not want the Dutchman and it was the president who insisted on hiring him. In fact, Agustín Ramos referred to the former Madrid player’s situation in OMR Deportes last week: “I think Drenthe is fit to play now. It depends on the coach, not on me”.

Mario Simón continues in his line of having Drenthe, for the moment, as a revulsive player, but his role is being testimonial and he is not generating dangerous occasions when he steps on the grass. These are some of the criticisms that have been read about the player in the media in recent hours: “The problem is Simón, not looking for another striker instead of imposing Drenthe (ironic)”, “the signing of Drenthe is one of the most pathetic things in our history and look at the chapters“.” Let Agustín Ramos come out today to explain that Drenthe is here to be a starter”, “Drenthe is not here to play”, “this season there have been mistakes by Agustín like Drenthe, it is evident“,” “his level is pitiful”, “Drenthe is confirmed as one of the greatest infamies in our recent history” or “the president says that Drenthe has a goal, I think he has extra kilos and that he is not in a position to play football “.

However, there is also one that exempts you from responsibility: “The player is the last to be blamed. No one beats commitment and sacrifice. but he is not“. A good summary as a closing: indeed, the attacker is the first interested in recovering a great version. He will continue working for it. But meanwhile, he occupies the center of criticism.