end of Fair Play and benefits for Premier clubs

The UEFA is prepared to drive the most important economic change in recent years. The organization that leads Alexander Ceferin will change the rules of Financial Fair Play after pressure from the big clubs. However, he will not do it on the terms that the Slovenian promised years ago and his reform is expected to maintain the power of the club-states. Also, in what may be a move to gain support against the super leagueBritish clubs will benefit.

The decision that will be approved next April starts from a base: the Financial Fair Play will disappear. According to information published by The New York Timesthe idea of ​​Aleksander Ceferin and his team is to completely abandon that term and start talking about “financial sustainability standards“. A difference in terminology that would serve to turn the page and leave behind the previous stage of UEFA.

The new economic control will allow the clubs spend 70% of your income in salary mass. In addition, the clubs will be given a margin of three years to adapt to all the regulations. Therefore, the effect of this reform will not be immediate and it will not serve to curb the enormous spending of some of the European clubs. The claim of the historical teams of the continent is, in view of these changes, completely rejected.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi on the PSG lawn

Bruno Fahy / BELGIUM / dpa

Aleksander Ceferin, who on his arrival at UEFA established himself as the great defender of a strict Financial Fair Play and that would promote equality between the clubs, thus changes his strategy at a key moment for football. It should be remembered that the scenario in which the events take place is characterized by two keys: the complaints of the teams against the expenses of the clubs-State and the survival of a Super League that is still alive despite the attacks it has received.

The Slovenian, with its “economic sustainability standards”, avoids coming into conflict with entities such as the paris st germain or the manchester cityWith whom Ceferin has improved his relations in recent times after the Super League crisis. The UEFA president keeps his promise to reform control, but without addressing the underlying problem. The clubs with the most revenue, regardless of where it comes from, will continue to have complete freedom to spend.

Paris Saint-Germain, one of the clubs that has generated the most anger between entities such as the Bayern Munichlast season drew up a staff of more than 500 million euros of wages. He did it at a time of economic weakness and with the permission of the French and European authorities. Thus, not even the more than 200 million euros of accumulated losses stopped the club while other teams opted for austerity in the market.

The weight of the Premier

English league clubs played a pivotal role in the European Super League. The one known as ‘big six‘ was among the 12 founding clubs of the new competition and was expected to be one of the most benefited by the change. However, pressure from the government of Boris Johnson, the FA and UEFA ended up triggering the repentance of its leaders.

After its apparent step backwards, the Super League lost strength and was forced into a time of reflection to improve its format, its communication and its strategy for a necessary continental implementation. The English were followed Atletico Madrid and Italian clubs. All to leave Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus alone. Despite this, as published by EL ESPAÑOL-EL BERNABÉU, there are currently 11 clubs linked to the Superliga.

Months later, UEFA promotes this new Fair Play that will benefit the Premier League clubs. As pointed out The timesthe feeling is that the British teams will benefit from the change. One of the keys is that television revenues tend to be remarkably high in the Premier League. For this reason, and following that 70% reform, they will continue to have free rein to spend.

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