Fábregas’s fiery defense of Messi after the whistles in France: “PSG has not had a player of that level in all of history”

PSG fans whistle Messi and Neymar

Just over two weeks after a painful elimination at the hands of Real Madrid in the Champions League, PSG’s public disapproval of its players continues to give people something to talk about. Especially for those whistles to Lionel Messi and Neymartwo of the greatest figures of the Parisian painting.

After a weekend in which La Pulga only received affection from the Argentine publicwith a warm farewell in the bombonera In the duel against Venezuela for the South American Qualifiers, a world soccer star questioned the way French supporters acted.

“PSG have not had a player of that level in all of history.” The sentence belongs to Cesc Fabregasfriend and former teammate of Lionel Messi at Barcelona. “I think it’s better to be grateful and support him,” the French Monaco footballer continued to the newspaper Brand.

The former partner and friend of La Pulga in Barcelona was direct when talking about the boos in France

“In the end you are talking about a player who has just arrived and who PSG has never seen before. They have never had a player of that level in the entire history of PSG.” Fabregas assured in a fiery defense.

“It is better to be grateful and support him, instead of beating him up. Because He is a player who, if not this year, next year, can give you great joy, which is what they want”, added the footballer, who had criticized the attitude of the PSG public on social networks: “Football has no memory… it’s a shame. Always with you brothers.

Fábregas recounted a similar episode that he suffered in Barcelonabut it made a big difference to what happened to his friend: “The Camp Nou has whistled me and I know what it is. I understand that the fans sometimes want to create a moment of tension so that the players realize that, well, they should do more, or they are not happy with one or the other. But I think that, during the game, you have to support yourself there by always playing”.

And he added: “Before the game, when they say your name, or if they want to whistle you after the game, perfect. But I think that what Messi and Neymar experienced during the match, when they touched the ball… is very ugly. If someone lost the ball, Neymar or another player, it seemed that they were happy, they applauded. Then they touched the ball and whistled at it. I know that you can say ‘it’s that they charge a lot’ or ‘it’s that they lost against Madrid’… But, what do you think, that they didn’t want to win? They are the first ones who want to win.”

Finally, he had no doubts in stating that Messi has been the best in history. “Leo’s case is simple, for me he is the best player in history. The best that I have seen and with which I have played. Afterwards, many things can be qualified, but what I have seen of him has been exceptional”.


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