Huesca pushes Natxo González’s sad Málaga into the hole

Huesca, how could it be otherwise, fished in the spa that this papier-mâché Malaga has turned into La Rosaleda. Unfortunate blue and white show giving wings to an opponent who had a hard time away from Alcoraz and who on this occasion played like at home. A tremendous mistake by Dani Barrio made it 0-1 for Mateu. And in the middle of the malaguista debacle, Seoane sentenced. Great anger from the fans who annoyed their players. Huesca once again dreams of the playoff and Málaga approaches relegation at cruising speed.

Natxo González introduced novelties regarding the team that was shipwrecked last week in Fuenlabrada. The first sacrificed was Brandon Thomas after his tremendous mistake in attack that meant going from possible 0-1 to heartbreaking 1-0. The young Andrés Caro, right back with central Escassi. The tips, Roberto and Paulino. Xisco, on his side, did not want to make revolutions after the saving victory against Burgos.

Shield/Flag Huesca

The first section of the meeting was unbearable. Fear and excessive precautions. Jairo’s overflow attempts and Mateu’s crosses… and little else. At this point in the championship, everyone is afraid of fitting in because of how complicated it is to come back. And more so in the case of Malaga, as was shown again. When they mark him first he loses. He has only come back once. And it was against the Sanse.

In a game without news, the first thing to highlight was bad. Jairo, who was trying to project his speed, was injured after a run on his right thigh. In his place the Moroccan Hicham entered a winger with as much speed as misfortune with injuries. At 38′ the referee gave Gerard Valentín a yellow card for an anthological pool shot inside the area… the most brilliant action in this stretch of sovereign polar clutter.

The first shot on goal of the match was at 44′ with Andrés Fernández intercepting a close shot from Roberto after a good center by Hicham that, of course, improved the theater of Gerard Valentín mentioned above. Thus ended a first part that, in general, was soporific for any viewer. The balance was the following; a shot on goal from Málaga for zero from Huesca.

The second half began with the usual catastrophic mode that characterizes Malaga. Dani Barrio, instead of keeping a simple ball, blocked it badly enough to give it to Escriche who, with agility, assisted Marc Mateu who shot him when he was desperately returning. Huesca, in his first shot, scored 0-1. Málaga collapsed and Huesca, pleasantly, doubled their lead in a brilliant play where Escriche was once again the protagonist to assist coach S wonderfullyeoane who, with a good Vaseline, beat the run over Dani Barrio.

The rest, you already know. A Malaga in flat encephalogram. He has not scored in 13 of the 33 games of this League and there are already eight without winning at La Rosaleda. Three points out of 24 possible. Perhaps the problem was not José Alberto López.

Jairo retires injured. Key play of the match.

Natxo González tried to compensate for the sadness that Málaga is transmitting by removing the ineffective Paulino and Paulino from the field to give Brandon and Antoñín a chance. The fans began to lose patience with a classic first notice asking their players for ‘masculine attributes’.

Huesca, a team with remarkable footballers, measured the nerves and weaknesses of a deplorable opponent to put the thrust. Andrés, like any goalkeeper who faces the Blue and Whites, lacked work. A painful Málaga that ignited the spirits of the long-suffering fans: “Mercenary players!” or the no less painful “You don’t deserve this shirt! Unfortunately, nothing new at La Rosaleda.

Natxo’s changes did not contribute. The control of Huesca was total and absolute. With little he did a lot. And with much sowing terror to a team without identity. A soul in pain who survives by praying for the mistakes of his rivals to avoid relegation. Each point of the Sanse or the Amorebieta is a stab wound for a poor, trembling Malaga and without sensations. It no longer slips that “we were saved because the rivals are very bad”. In full Huesca placebo Mikel Rico threw out the 0-3 at 85′. With the Grana Malagusita in turmoil with some players who do not give more of themselves, the match is over. Huesca gains momentum and seems to have overcome its pothole. And the worst for Malaga: there is no Natxo effect. Rather the opposite.


Boussefiane (34′, Jairus), Joaquin Munoz (45′, Dario Poveda), Dani Escriche (45′, Pablo Martinez), brandon (59′, Vadillo), Antonin (59′, Paulino De la Fuente), junior lake (71′, Mateu), Mikel Rico (74′, Mosquera), Ramon Enriquez (76′, Aleix Febas), chavarria (77′, Roberto Fernandez), Juan Carlos (79′, Jaime Seoane)


0-1, 46′: Matthew0-2, 56′: Jaime Seoane


Referee: Daniel Jesus Trujillo Suarez
VAR Referee: Daniel Ocón Arraiz
florian miguel (41′, Yellow) Jozebed (49′, Yellow) Andres Caro (53′, Yellow) Braian Cufre (72′, Yellow) Joaquin Munoz (87′, Yellow) Mikel Rico (91′, Yellow