Hugo Sánchez offered to lead El Tri for Qatar 2022: “I would go for free”


During a live ESPN program, Hugo Sánchez raised his hand to lead Mexico (Video: ESPN)

Given the constant criticism that has received Gerardo daddy martino for his work with the Mexican teamboth fans and sports commentators began a debate about who should or could replace the Argentine strategist for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

And who did not hesitate an instant to affirm that he can have a better result with the Tri it was about Hugo Sanchez. The coach and former Mexican player stated that he could take the reins of the national team and even I would do it for free.

During the broadcast of the program Spicy Soccer from ESPN, Sánchez spoke of the possibility that exists for him to assume the leadership of the Aztec team if they reach fire the daddy martino. When José Ramón Fernández questioned him about who would be the ideal candidate to replace Gerardo, Faitelson joked with hugol for him to propose.

Hugo Sánchez stated that he could direct the Mexican National Team for free (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

It was like that pentapichichi He did not hide his illusion of returning to the tricolor bench and stated that if the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) considers it and calls it in the future, yes i would accept without any problem. This is how Hugo Sánchez put it:

“For Mexico I do whatever, even work for free. And if the National Team calls me now I would even go for free”

Given the surprising statement that Hugo Sánchez made on the live television program, José Ramón asked him to repeat his statement, because what stood out the most is that hugol showed no financial interest in returning to TriOn the contrary, he pointed out that I would do it with all the willingness to improve the national team and have an outstanding performance at Qatar 2022.

Hugo Sánchez already directed the Mexican National Team in 2000 (Photo: Instagram/@hugosanchez_9)
Hugo Sánchez already directed the Mexican National Team in 2000 (Photo: Instagram/@hugosanchez_9)

I would go to direct the Mexican National Team for freewith the desire to help Mexico and collaborate so that Mexico can go to the World Cup and can be well directed, it would go and for free”, reaffirmed the current commentator of ESPN.

After the last matches that the team has had tricolor in the Concacaf Octagonal, the work done by the daddy Martin, well his way of playing has not convinced the fans; In addition, the few victories in the last matches complicated the panorama of the Tri for Qatar 2022.

His recent result against Honduras did not calm the concern of sports commentators and fans, as there were some irregularities in his performance.

Pumas was one of the teams that Hugo Sánchez already directed (Photo: special)
Pumas was one of the teams that Hugo Sánchez already directed (Photo: special)

According to what Hugo Sánchez analyzed during Spicy Soccerto Femexfut has had a hard time investing in a long-term sports projectFor this reason, outstanding triumphs have not been achieved in the history of the Mexican National Team.

He shared that he has been in charge of making these defects visible when he has spoken with the directors of the FMF. Consequently, the former Pumas striker was annoyed with the dynamics of the Federation and the Tri.

Hugo Sánchez is a current ESPN commentator (Photo: Facebook/Spicy Soccer)
Hugo Sánchez is a current ESPN commentator (Photo: Facebook/Spicy Soccer)

“I told all the managers, in front of everyone: ‘We can be world champions’, and I told them ‘it takes three stages’and I have repeated it. They don’t believe it, because they they don’t believe in sports, they only believe in business and think about making moneyThey don’t think about winning titles. And when you think like that, you can’t achieve important things,” said Hugo Sánchez.

In the event that the proposal materializes, it would not be the first time that the former Real Madrid player has taken on the position of Aztec helmsman because in the year 2000 He had his first call up to the national team. It is also worth remembering that he led the under-23 in 2008 for the 2008 Beijing Olympicswhich they did not classify.


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