mirandese – ponferradina | Mirandés continues to rise and beat Ponferradina in Anduva

Mirandés continues its climb in the standings after beating Ponferradina in Anduva (3-1). The rojillo team submitted for much of the game to a berciana squad that he only had options in the final moments when the score already reflected a 3-0. Etxeberria not only modified pieces due to the numerous losses but also the usual system placing two men as references. Marqués accompanied Camello at the point of attack. The wild boar team came out plugged into the game, trying to take the initiative against a rival that is characterized for that reason, by jumping onto the pitch with clear ideas.

After ten minutes, the locals opened the scoring in a individual error of Sergi Puig who lost the ball from his hands. Brugué, very attentive, took advantage of the gift and the goalkeeper knocked down the Catalan attacker inside the area. The referee did not hesitate for a moment pointing out the maximum penalty. Camel executed the shot, Puig cleared the leather that ended up on the post and the rebound fell at the feet of the striker from Madrid that he did not forgive the second (1-0).

La Ponferradina reacted immediately looking for the equalizer, but found a new blow in the form of a goal. Between Vicente and Camello they made the play that ended with Marqués’ header to the net (2-0). The Berciano box did not feel comfortable on the grass. Mirandés had the game where they wanted. With a good income that allowed him to play the ball with criteria at the necessary moment to try to strike the final blow. Brugué put Sergi Puig to the test with a shot from the edge of the box that this time the blue and white goalkeeper did save.

Before the break, Bolo’s pupils closed the gap. Yuri headed a measured cross from Paris Adot to the bottom of the frame. It was necessary to draw lines in the VAR and finally the goal did not go up to the scoreboard due to an offside prior to the action. Mirandés could even score the third in a strategic play that was born in a corner. Camello won the ball with a header at the far post, but Marqués was unable to beat the rival’s goalkeeper.

The script did not change at the beginning of the second part despite the changes of Bolo that Cristian and Naranjo brought in. Very soon the wild boar team sentenced the game. Camello made effective the service of García de Albéniz to lodge his shot in the square (3-0). The bleeding could have been greater and again with the omnipresent Camel as the protagonist. Sergi Puig saved from under the Madrid player’s shot. Saúl Crespo tried to return the emotion to the clash, but found Lizoain’s response under the sticks.

Álex López was close to fourth. However, Ponferradina closed the gap in the final stretch. Pascanu headed the red goal after a corner (3-1). Visitors were encouraged. Hernández ran into the crossbar. Ponferradina wanted to take advantage of the rojilla disconnection after the changes. With the berciano team overturned, the rojillos were able to deal the final blow. Capellini fired a powerful shot from the top of the box that hit the crossbar. There was no time for more. While Mirandés continues to rise after the arrival of Etxeberria, Ponferradina ends a streak of six games without losing.


Orange tree (45′, Miguel Baeza ), Christian Rodriguez (45′, Pablo Anton), John Hernandez (54′, Edu Espiau), Kuki Zalazar (54′, Paris Adot), Saul Crespo (54′, Moran), graceful (59′, Alexander Marquis), hassan (68′, Brugue), Ricardo Capellini (68′, Alex Lopez), Jorge Aguirre (90′, Inigo Vicente)


1-0, 9′: Sergio Camel2-0, 22′: Alexander Marquess3-0, 51′: Sergio Camel3-1, 76′: Alex Pascanu


Referee: Saul Ais Reig
VAR Referee: Luis Mario Milla Alvendiz
Paul Anton (43′, Yellow) Paris Adot (45′, Yellow) Alex Lopez (59′, Yellow) Pompadour (64′, Yellow) Inigo Vincent (66′, Yellow