Odriozola, a bullet in the ‘total calcium’: “I love this”

Odriozola left Real Madrid last summer for another adventure abroad. He still did not find the best version of himself in the white club. His transfer to Bayern did not serve practical purposes. He arrived in January and could not take the point. Last season he started injured. Later he had to try a lot of bench and had minutes in the final stretch, but the die was cast. Odriozola did not convince Ancelotti and a new destination was sought. And he was very accurate.

The Donostiarra winger ended up in Florence to reinforce the idea of ​​Vincenzo Italiano, the new daring of Serie A. De Zerbi left for Ukraine and Italiano has somewhat inherited that label. A technician with a marked offensive profile but running almost all possible risks for it. Fiorentina is capable of losing 4-0 to Torino and in the same week beating Genoa 6-0 in a short time. “This is the ‘total calcium’. We can all do the work of the partner. This is the ‘total calcium’. With Italian you play ‘total calcium’. We must continue like this. Our objective is to reach Europe”, affirmed Odriozola euphorically after of the match against Genoa in which he had scored his first goal as a viola.

His positive feelings are increasing, he confirmed it again last weekend, leaving a good game and being decisive against Spezia, where he gave rise to Piatek’s goal that unbalanced the match. In fact, Odriozola’s feelings have been quite good since he debuted with his new shirt in September against Atalanta, where he faced Goosens and Zapata for his team to win 1-2. From then on he has continued to grow and has earned the title of undisputed starter ahead of Venuti, one of the captains. His offensive performance is being more than remarkable, boosted by the proposal of an Italian whom some do not hesitate to describe at times as almost suicidal. But he attracts. And that’s where the Florentine Hugh Grant fits in, as he is affectionately nicknamed in Italy.

“He is one of the fastest players in all of Serie A. He is perfect for the European game and a little Spanish that Italiano proposes, because he is a winger who covers the entire wing and attacks a lot. He is growing defensively in Serie A, although he still has a long way to go to reach the same level he is when he attacks. We are very surprised by his continuity throughout the match. Fiorentina would buy him right away, but it is possible that he wants to return to Real Madrid ”, Giacomo Iacobellis, a journalist from Tuttomercatoweb from Florence who follows the team, explains to As.

Fiorentina Shield/Flag

Odriozola has made an impact on a physical and choice level in the final meters. He usually decides very well what to do with the ball in the last third of the field and he is accompanying that with some impressive effort records. Fiorentina made public Odriozola’s physical data during the month of December. The club awarded him the badge of best athletic performance of the team in that period. In 306 minutes of play he had traveled an average of 11.6 kilometers per game at an average speed of 7.8 km/h and with a top speed of 33 km/h. It’s the Italian bullet in his ‘total calcium’. “Fiorentina means passion, it means the color purple. Fiorentina is a way of life. Above all, it means representing one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With President Commisso there is a family relationship, with his way of treating the players there is a great human and family spirit. The fans drive me crazy. I love their passion, “explains the winger enthusiastically in the club’s media.

He also remembers his relationship with Real Madrid. “I don’t think there is a team that has more media exposure than Real Madrid. Madrid is a team known in all corners of the planet. You may be in the farthest corner of Africa, but you will still find someone wearing a Real Madrid shirt. Real Madrid. It is the global team par excellence, without a doubt the best known. In Madrid, everything that happens has a huge echo”, he affirms. Italiano, his coach, valued this weekend his adaptation to transalpine football. “Álvaro has changed a lot since he arrived. He has become familiar with the environment and his teammates, he has an incredible motor and does not feel fatigued, he is growing fast and we are happy,” says the coach.

Odriozola’s future is yet to be written. He still has to maintain these feelings and then you analyze his next step. In Italy or in Spain. Or in another destination. Toughen up defensively in a place like Calcio can only do you good and stand out physically in such a demanding league even more. Also, his offensive talent has always been one of his calling cards. But you must go on.