Playing like this, Qatar will be a fiasco for the Mexican National Team


Since the Thursday that the matches of that day ended (those of Concacaf) we knew that yesterday, Sunday, would be “D-Day” for add the eighth World Cup in a row for the National Team.

Yesterday’s classification was something that had to be checked since Gerardo Daniel Martino was hired, so zero triumphalism.

(Yaaa I know, mathematician not yet, but it would have to lose and that Costa Rica beat the US).

But, was that how it was thought that Mexico would reach the World Cup?

Many will have to say that the important thing was for it to happen, and well, no, because if that’s the important thing, anyone can classify them.

Martino has a poster Martino has the ability to do things differentlyMartino has the experience to back it up. Gentlemen, he has directed at the top of the planet: Argentina and Barcelona!

But, and everything bad that is Mr. Gerardo? No.

Prior to the game against the United States, Alexis Lalas declared that this It was the Mexican National Team with the lowest level that I had seen…and I think I do too!

The one from Argentina 78 was humiliated, but it had a team with great personality, which finally he couldn’t and didn’t know how to do it.

Then came something worse: the one that did not qualify for Spain 82.

My comparison is with Mexican qualifying teams, not World Cup teams.

Not even when he went to the Repechage prior to 2014 did he see such a bad level. They were bad, but not like now. They don’t score anyone.

Today the players bear much of the blame for this tie that is so, so… grey, tasteless, hopeless for Qatar.

Or do you think that with this Selection Mexico can aspire to the famous and already so repeated 5th match?

Even without exaggeration, this Mexico of hoooy, March 28, He is not even ready to pass the first round of the World Cup which starts in November.

I know, I know, the bad level has shown it until today, Marchand we don’t know what could happen in the next 7 months and 3 weeks before the World Cup starts. I have it clear.

The only thing that can make Mexico the protagonist and equal or better its last 7 World Cups, is that:

  • Raúl is once again the scorer he was until before he was injured.
  • That another striker compete with him and break it in the second half of this 2022.
  • Let HH play like when he had the face he was born with and not after the changes. It was better before.
  • That Corona and Chucky fly (one on the flanks and the other on the center and one flank) as they did long ago, and not as they are doing now. Wake up, because they are very low level.
  • Let another goalkeeper raise his hand and don’t just give Ochoa ownership by default.
  • And, perhaps, that Miguel Herrera be the DT. Already with much more maturity than 8 years ago.

If at least 4 of those 6 (or 5 of 6) do not occur, let’s not expect much from Mexico in Qatar.

If in those 6 points it is modified and improved, there will be a Second Round and the 5th match will be fought.

If everything remains the same as yesterday, I even doubt that Mexico will win a single match in Qatar 2022.


Yesterday I told you that the match between the Chivísimas Rayadas del Guadalajara, the team of God and María Santísima, was close to being postponed.

The Day 12 game is scheduled for this Saturday, April 2 at 9:00 p.m., only by Afizzionados.

But how Coldplay will perform midweek at the AkronThe possibility arose that the field would look bad, and that is why it was postponed.

I tell them that they already take it for a fact. There is already talk that it will be postponed… although all that remains is to wait for the League to announce it.